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All Boys Boarding School And One Girl




"Aw... Ryan you didn't even give me a chance with her" Romeo teased looking at us two while my cousin started to laugh. 


"Who says I wanted a chance with you?" I teased.

"Awe... now you made me sad" he teased making a puppy dog face. And we started laughing.

To tell you the truth it was heart braking I felt like I should go hug him. For a moment I thought I saw my cousin glaring at Ryan but maybe it was just my imagination.


**Ryan's point of view**

Jake was glaring at me but I knew why he didn't want his cousin to think he was unhappy with this so he acted as if he was happy but when Romeo started teasing us Jake took the chance.

"Hey Ryan, can I talk with you for a second?" Jake asked.

"Sure" I said trying to sound normal in front of Claire.

We went outside the dorm and I followed him down the hallway at the far end while Romeo and Claire went to sit at the table to eat something. I knew Jake was probably going to give me a talk now. I shouldn't have rushed things between us because I don't even know she's going to react after she knows our secret but I like her and she likes me too. It's too soon I know it's strange no girl has ever had this effect on me but she's special she's different from the rest.


"I KNOW!! Okay? IM SORRY... But I like her I don't know she's different from the rest and I didn't mean for it to got his fast, I'm sorry okay ill tell her that we should wait and also apologize to her.

"Yeah but know there is one slight problem you're going to break her heart and on top of that she has to hear the BIGGEST secret of her entire life." He said clearly softening down but still mad.

"I'll just have to do it, okay" I whispered. And walked toward are room again he followed silently trying to act as if nothing happened so that Claire wouldn't find out about our talk. When we entered we composed our faces and Claire was laughing at Romeo that had spilled milk on his shirt. Probably just to distract her from coming after us because sense we have good hearing he heard our conversation. He nodded at me and I knew that neither he nor Jake would tell the others that I and Claire were going out because clearly I had to breakup with her the same day I got her. I was sad and clearly I would be very jealous every time the others flirt or want her. This is going to be a long... day.

"Hey I have to go change my shirt" Romeo said clearly knowing what I had to do.

"Yeah and I got to turn some papers in the office and run some errands... bye guys" Jake waved as he went out the door following Romeo.

"I have to go shower be right back" Claire said and went inside the bathroom.

Great now I have to think of a way to this maybe if I would've control myself better I wouldn't have even been in this position in the first place. I am so mad at myself this is terrible.

**End of Ryan's point of view**

While I showered I wondered why Jake and Ryan went outside to talk. Romeo was being funny and making jokes and he didn't notice the plate of milk left on the table and spilled it on himself it was just to funny. I turned the shower off and put on a pair of shorts and a black tank top with my converse and blow-dried my hair and did some curls around my hair. I brushed my teeth and went to my bed to get my laptop out to e-mail my friends and my mom.

"Hey ill be back in a minute" Ryan said grabbing his stuff to shower. He was acting a little strange now but I guess he saw my confusion and smiled at me and I smiled back.

"Okay" I said.

I opened and turned on my laptop and started typing to my mom and I told her about everything and then I wrote to my friends and responded they're e-mails. I turned of my laptop and put it away as Ryan came out he looked a little bit upset he came and sat across from me on my bed and grabbed one of my hands and looked into my eyes. I knew something was going on.

Hey... Claire I just want to say first of all I'm sorry about everything I shouldn't have rushed anything, look I think maybe we're going to fast we should wait for a while before we go out I mean we just met"

I looked at him trying to hold my emotions I knew that was too rushed and too good to be true. Besides we just met yesterday and I mean I liked him but I didn't love him jet I couldn't it's impossible I mean we just me t yesterday he probably just kind off liked me he couldn't love me either we don't even know each other well. It still hurt me because I did still like him and it was like a crush I had on him. I've never been like this in my life I've never even had a boyfriend until know and apparently no longer now he was like my ex and we only lasted for a couple of hours 'WOW'. I don't know why but I feel like there is something real big going on and I am clueless and just don't know about it.

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