Barbaric Lover

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"What the heck mark!! what on earth fvcking reason and your avoiding me?!"





that is the mark of Mr. Mark Evans. 

Its quite apishly pissed when you want to talk to him

He's a man of few words but has an ability to make girls gone wild

No his not a womanizer its just that though his a little bit cruel and barbaric, women got easily be attracted on his own way ..

Rough .. Cruel.. Ruthless .. Brute .. Beast ..

Name it !!

But I don't care,




It doesn't matter

I love him .......





and he is my BARBARIC LOVER


this is the story of Mark Evans and Aleina Gosiengfiao :))

as you can see I'm not that too excited for them haha (insert sarcasm)

blast it <3

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Ed Westwickas Mark Evans
Leighton Meesteras Aleina Goshengfiao
Matt Bomeras Dave Torres
Adam Gregoryas Ivan Devera
Ian Somerhalderas Joseph Leyva

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