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This is my first story of my life i have ever posted so help me. Please Comment Twitter me at @bieberlove1b. Sorry but this story is not mine its own by Stephanie Mayer well the charatchers


its been 50 years since i got married to the most amazing wife in the world and 50 years since my beautiful daughter Renesmee was born and i cant ask for nothing else.

I was walking to the main house, when i walked in no one was there. I walked to the cottage and saw my beautiful Bella. I went and wrapped my arms around her."Were is everyone at' I asked curiously."Alice went shopping with Rose and Jasper,Emmet is god knows were he is or planing,Esme went to go buy Soil for the garden,and Renesmee is with Jake at La Push.I kissed her on the cheek and told her i was going hunting.

While i was running after a mountain lion i stopped in my tracks and caught a sent an, unfamiliar sent a vampire. I traced the sent and Saw a woman with black wavy hair,pale skin,red eyes,and was wearing a black dress.I watched her.She was a new born. I read her mind she was hunting.i was watching her curious, when she caught a sent,She knew i was here,She started to walk closer and closer to me. What do i do i didn't want her to see me, I didn't know what to do should i run but she would see me. I didn't want her to get closer or shock her so i showed my self.

She was at attacitng position,

"Wait' I said out loud before she attracted me

'What do you want' She asked me madly

'I was just passing by' I told her trying to sound nice

'Whats your name' she asked me. 'Edward Cullen, whats your name' I asked."Celeste' she told me.''Your from the Cullen family the family that killed my mother ''she told me''.What are you talking about'' i asked Celeste

''I Was was part of the New Born army that Victoria created".Celeste told me.I was shocked .

"It was nice meeting you but i have to go'' i told her. I turned around and she attacked. She threw me to a tree and it broke in half. I got up and charged back at her, When all of a sudden more vampires appeared. I wish they were part of my family but they were not. I guess one of them had a power because I went blind and couldn't see anything.I was suddenly been dragged to some were i didn't know.

Where are they taking me, Why are they taking me, What are they going to do to me, I had all these questions. Questions that maybe will be answered Later or never.I couldn't see, move, or talk only hear what good does that have hopefully Alice has seen this and come and help me.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Tell me whet you think oh and i will NEED SOME NAMES please

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OK if u read this again sorry i was editing it

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