[ Old Work] Luna Weasly The Lost sister of Harry Potter

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I walk around the corridors trying to aviod the passing death eaters. My thoughts were on George. I was in disbelif that he had asked me to marry him. We were so young but we were in love and that's all that mattered. I wasn't looking where I was going and I must have walked Into some one as they started shouting. " look where your going little girl. I don't want to have to curse you"
I looked up to see a girl, around my age. Her long dark brown hair swaying as she spoke. Her eyes chocolate brown, yet they had a hint of something else. Red tinges seem to be fitting it's way into her eyes. Her apperance made me think I had seen her before . Something about her reminded me of someone.
" if you not going to speak then I will. Names jade . Jade riddle and your luna weasley, you were adopted by the weasleys. You real parents are lily Evans and James potter. Your in love with George who is very hot"
I looked at her, how did she know this. I've herd that name before. Riddle. She can't be .my eyes burn red as she says s
He's hot but let's thefeeling go.
" how do oh know a that. Riddle. Oh no ..."
She smiles at the realisation " yes I am his daugter. The only thing he has or ever will care about. Now can you watch were your going I can send you to a death eater even though am one. I have nearly as much power over them as my dad so run along before I do something I will regret"
before I could argue she had pushed me down the corridor and walked up the grand staircase.I walked up to the griffindor tower, mutter the password and up to my dorm. As I lay on the bed I think of how Jade. Or Riddle acted. She's just like her dad I thought and she likes George. Or was that just a trick to make me angry? I was confused the whole meeting confused me.
----------------------- am so so so sorry i havent uploaded in months and this is really short to ive have exams and stuff and ive been really busy but i will upload more i promise now my writters block has gone. to answer a question i keep getting asked: this is the orginal story of luna weasley many people think my friend 'pottermad' wrote the first onand i wrot a diffrent POv of it.which is wrong. i first came up with the story and my best friend asked if she could do geroges POv and its working out great we have a great wattpad partnership :)

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