Mindless Behavior: Freaky Imagines



You were in your room stretching and dancing to music, When you felt a pair of arms grip your waist. You looked over your shoulder and saw Ray biting his lip. You started to twerk on him as Make it nasty played. He held your waist tight as you continued to twerk and pause every once in a while. You bent down and touched your toes then bust out in a full split. 

Ray: flexible....I like 

Yn: boy bye 

You said as you stood up. Slow Dance by Keri Hilton came on as you pushed Ray onto the bed and started to put a show on for him. You started to strip tease him. Once you were down to just your bra and panties. You stopped. 

Ray: hey whyd you stop I wanted to go farther. 

he said as he tried to pull your body on top of his. 

Yn: Rayyyy! 

Ray:Ynnn bring yo booty over here 

He said still trying to pull you over next to him. You pushed him off of you and started laughing. 

Yn: desperate for some ass I see 

Ray: Girl bye but you do know that ass belongs to me 

Yn: you sure about cause I mean... 

Ray: Yeah cause im the only nigga hitting it..Right? 

He said looking suspiciously at me 

Yn: What ever helps you sleep at night 

You said as you walked into the bathroom. You knew that if you kept playing around with him, he would get angry or defensive, one thing leads to another and Pow!! If you know what I mean.  

Ray: Uhh so whats that supposed to mean 

He said following you into the bathroom. 

Yn: idk 

You said with a smirk. Ray just looked at you. 

Yn: WHAT??!? 

You laughed out. He didnt reply so you shrugged your arms and walked out the bathroom only to be pushed on the bed. 

Yn: Ray what the hell man! 

Ray: so who else is hitting it besides me Yn 

Ray said offensively. You just sat up and side. 

Yn: Well there was...Tom, Jerry, Micheal, Anne, Rose 

I said just dropping names. The list went on, Ray just looked at me with a blank expression. 

Ray: wow 

Yn: Yeah wanna see them, I mean its not a problem every woman has about two or three total 

Ray: hell yeah I wanna see them, I want they addresses to so I could kick they ass 

I pulled a box from under my bed and handed it over to him. 

Ray: Why is there a box full of toys, I asked for the numbers 

Yn: wait what theyre not people...what did you think I was talking about. 

Ray: cause you said that Tom, Jerry and Micheal was hitting that..and..I ..Well who is who 

He said looking into the box. 

Yn: Okay *clears throat* Tom is the 7in. vibrator he is blue and works miracles, Jerry OMG Jerry is firre he is 6in and thick like damn...anyways Ann shes pink and is shaped wierd so you can hit all those spots..Oh yeah forgot Micheal, Umm Micheals okay hes not that good considering that your both the same lmaoo im just joking but uuhhh I would tell you how Micheal is but thats a little to Um X-Rated. 

I said as Ray sat back and took in my words. 

Yn: So quite frankly we already know whos ass this belongs to 

Ray: haha you got jokes 

Yn: Oh jealous much 

Ray: Im not Jealous 

Yn: Really?! 

Ray: Yep 

Yn: Positive?! 

Ray: My gosh yes!! 

Yn: I dont bieleve you 

Ray: Well oh well 

He said as he turned around. 

Yn: Oh I never knew you felt that so uh me and Micheal will be on our way 

I said as I slowly got out of the bed and started making my way towards the door, but was stoped by Ray. He pulled the box out of my hand. 

Ray: Micheal left so I guess its just goin have to be you and me..is that a problem 

He said as he licked his lips 

Yn: not at all

45min LATER**

Ray: Whos booty is it? 

Yn: Ugh fuck 

Ray: Wrong. *speeds up pace* 

Yn: Ray 

Ray: Who? *going slow* 

Yn: Ray 

Ray: Huh?! What was that? *started speeding up pace* 


You yelled put as you came. 

Ray: Ding Correct. 

Ray said as he kissed your lips passionately and layed next to you. 

Ray: I bet Micheal cant do you like me 

Yn: he sure cant baby

You tell fell into a deep sleep. 15min. later you got a text message. 

Mickey: Hey baby meet me at my place in an hour 

YnBishh: Ill try Micheal

You got up, washed up and slipped on some clothes. You tryed to sneak past Ray but he woke up. 

Ray: bae were you going 

Yn: to the store 

Ray: This late 

Yn: boy it is only 10 

Ray: Okay well bring me back some candy Im going to sleep love you 

Yn: love you to bae

You drove to Micheals house and he put it down RIGHT!! Had you up against the wall, on the counter, in the bathtube, The UNTHINKABLE. 

*Next day* 

The boys came over. Ray was in the livingroom playing video games. 

Prince: Hey yn *hugs you and goes into the livingroom* 

Yn: Hey Prince 

Prod: sup taco*follows behind Prince* 

Yn: Sup Teddy bear 

Roc: Hey Yn 

Yn: Hey...Micheal I mean Roc 

You said innocently as he hugged you and kissed your neck 

Roc: Your gonna pay 

Yn: see you tonight

:O MmMmMm Triflin...HOE lmaoo jk

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