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The Bad Boy Returns [~BoyxBoy~]


Let's just say I had an inspiration and also I felt like making a Drama/Romantic one...this one won't be fast


Pacing I hope but I have a few ideas in my head so I'm willing to try them out.


I hope you like the first chapter, I'm so sorry I haven't been uploading for a while, I've been ill and I've had College x Job to deal with, plus I'm reading some stories =D







Anyway... I hope you enjoy this story :3 and also this is not a PG so if you are underage or somewhat and don't like sex, or even don't know what it is, but I imagine you do know o_O, but yeah... if you're a pervy underage kid like I was then go right ahead and read it xD but the


Drama with sexual tension won't come into it until about...hmm, 4/5 chapter... I don't know.



If you are confused at all leave comments below and I'll happily reply :T






ALSO! I'm so stuck on a book cover page o_O so if anyone has any ideas please let me know...?






"Jasper, we're leaving now" Dad yelled up the stairs which made me grumble a few swear words at him.


I looked at myself one more time before deciding I looked half decent so I went downstairs to join my parents who were probably red faced at the patience they had taken with me.


Just as suspected, my sister was bouncing up and down with excitement and beside her was my parents dressed formally as per usual going to my dad's boss's house.


"Jasper, about time...Jesselyn get in the car, you too Jasper" Mum ordered, I did a nod then reluctantly followed Jessie out of the house and into our fancy car which my dad honours just as much as his boss, sometimes I refer to him as the boss's bitch, he expects a promotion and the man he works for is a hard-core business man who will let 'no one' stand in his way of getting what he wants, his daughter Angelina is apparently so beautiful that one time a guy asked her out, her dad made the boy's parents send him off to an all-boys boarding school so I'm going to have to not stare at her for the entire night and not 'show my dad up' as my mum and dad keep sticking into my brain, it's not me whose always getting hyper crazy it's Jessie, I go to help her and I always get caught in the cross fire which is bollocks.



As we came near to the house well I wouldn't say house, it was more like a palace with security cameras and guards at every corner, especially by the gate leading into the estate.


"You know the rules, no messing about...address people as sir and madam, Jasper the boss's daughter Angelina is strictly off limits also try to keep on the boss's good side, his wife as you know died in an accident so you must NEVER bring her up and as for his son, you do not start fights, you do not swear and you address him like a gentlemen also...please try and keep a hold of yourself and keep Jessie with you because she will go off running" Dad said.


"I'm here you know" Jessie cooed, she was only 7 but she was hyperactive when she was excited, we've already had to change her dress 3 times in the hour at home because she kept running around getting things spilled over it or falling over.


I was in a black tux but with a black tie not a bow tie like my fathers, I wore my hair gelled nicely so it looked smart.


It was the boss's birthday and my dad bought him an old whiskey which was rare and also the boss's favourite, Dad had searched for weeks and finally found it in the nick of time just before the party and now he's slightly relieved.



We got out of the car after passing through security, Dad looked to me then straightened out my blazer then examined himself in the rear view mirror then linked Mum's arm through his after he took the delicately wrapped present gently in his grasp so I held out my hand to Jessie, she hesitated before sighing then took it as I guided her passed cars following in our parent's path.



As we entered the palace I noticed violins playing and guitars too, live which was weird and also formal...I noticed everyone dressed their best, it was funny to see everyone else's kids looking miserable, I feel better just to know I'm not alone in the situation.


"Declan, I'm so glad you could come with your beautiful family" I looked to see a man who looked like a million dollars, his black mark-less suite, his Rolex watch on one of his wrists, his polished black laced shoes, his hair well groomed.


"Sir, we're glad to be here, let me introduce you to my wife Caroline, my son Jasper then my daughter Jesselyn" Dad said presenting us which made me feel like I should get on my knees and bow down to this guy like he was royalty.

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