He's Jealous Because Of Your Best Friend - Liam Payne Imagine

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“Hey (Y/N)” Louis approached you; you were at your friend’s party. “Hey Louis, have you seen Liam?” you asked him. “That’s the reason why I came to you; I think we should go now. Liam left 10 minutes ago” he replied. “He left without me?!” You asked, more like exclaimed.  “I’ll explain later” Louis said as we went outside and into the van. “Care to explain?” You asked Niall, Harry, Louis and Zayn as your driver started to drive. “He just went home and he said we’ll take you home” Harry explained with his drunken voice. “Just like that? Without even telling me?” “He’s jealous of Trevor” Niall said. “Hey, why did you tell her?” Zayn asked. “What? She’ll know it soon” Niall defended. “But Liam should be the one telling her and not you nor us” Zayn added. You just shut your mouth as the four lads argued. Liam, jealous, that’s cute. After thirty minutes you finally arrived at your flat, you waved goodbye to the lads as you opened the front door. The living room was empty so it only means that Liam was upstairs. You quickly rushed towards your room only to find out that Liam was already fast asleep. You quickly brushed your teeth and washed your face then finally you changed into your pajamas. You joined Liam on the bed and into the covers slightly shaking him. “Babe, I’m home” you whispered as you kissed his cheeks. You settled beside him and you wrapped your left arm around his body. “Had fun with Trevor?” he asked as he wrapped his arms around you. “Someone’s jealous?” You smirked. “Hmm. Why should I be jealous?” He asked as he released you, he stood up and went to the bathroom. “And why did you go home without even telling me?” You sat up on the bed, crossing your arms. “Maybe because my girlfriend was having a great time with Trevor, her best friend” He said as he exited the bathroom and went back to the bed. “See you’re jealous” You said as you hugged him but he turned around so he wasn’t facing you. “Hey babe turning around when I was about to hug you, you’re mean” You pouted. “Who will cuddle me to sleep?” You added. “Maybe you can ask Trevor to do that for you” He replied, he’s acting I little bit cold. “Hey babe, I’m sorry. I was just catching up with him” You said as you tried to make him face you but he’s just too strong. “Liam” you said but he didn’t move. “Liam, babe I love you. He’s just my best friend” you said but he didn’t move. “How can you even do this do me, how can you even ignore me like this” you said. You sighed as you stood up and went downstairs, to the living room. You lay down on the couch feeling a bit cold. You can’t believe that Liam can resist you like this but at the same time you find it cute. Liam being jealous and all, he’s cute. Suddenly, you felt strong arms around your body and before you knew it he was already carrying you, bridal style, towards your bedroom. “I knew it you can’t just ignore me like that” you smirked. “It’s because I love you but it doesn’t mean that you’re all forgiven” He said as he laid you down on the bed. “Okay, babe I’m sorry for letting you feel so jealous over Trevor but believe me we’re just best friends and you, you’re my boyfriend, my everything I love you” You said, staring straight to his eyes as he laid beside you. “Is that enough? I love you Liam” you said. “That’s enough, I love you too babe. You’re my everything” he said as he pressed his lips against yours, you kissed each other passionately, your lips moving in sync.