Bad Fight - Zayn Malik Imagine

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You were just cooking for dinner when the front door suddenly opened and then slammed. You were startled by the noise and you started to panic but then you heard your boyfriend’s voice, he was yelling. Oh boy, he was angry. You started to get nervous as he yelled again. “Y/N!” he was looking for you. “Y/N!” “In the kitchen babe” you replied as you poured yourself a glass of water, you felt that your hands were now cold. “What’s wrong babe?” you asked as he entered the kitchen. “Don’t you ‘what’s wrong babe’ me!” he yelled as he approached you, his eyes were piercing with anger. “What the hell?!” you shouted, he was getting the best of you. “Don’t act like you don’t know anything” he said as he threw his phone towards you, luckily you caught it. You checked the screen and it was his twitter, there’s a photo of you and Tristan, your best friend’s guy, holding hands. That was hundred percent photo shopped you thought to yourself and you know that you can prove it to Zayn. “You really think this is true?!” You yelled as you threw his phone back to him but he wasn’t lucky enough, he didn’t catch it. “WHY SHOULDN’T I? THERE’S A PROOF, YOU JUST CHEATED WITH YOUR BEST FRIEND’S BOYFIREND! YOU SLUT!” he shouted, those words stung in your ears. He was now inches from you. “Believe me Zayn, it’s photo shopped!” you shouted back, tears threatening to spill. “And now you’re making some excuses?! Huh?!” “I’m not making excuses Zayn, please babe, trust me!” You were crying. “How can I trust you? You cheated on me and there’s a proof but still you don’t want to admit it?!” he suddenly threw the glass you used a while ago across the room. You cringed at the shattering sound of the glass and you didn’t know what to do. That Zayn wasn’t the Zayn that you know. “Babe believe me, Tristan was with Lauren in that photo and not me!” I just cried. “Just shut up, shut up you slut!” ‘That word, that fucking word. Why can’t he trust me?’ You thought to yourself as you started to scan your phone; you were looking for that photo. ‘I will shove it right on his face just to prove him that I wasn’t lying, that I didn’t cheat’ you thought to yourself again “What are you doing? You’re calling Tristan? Well go on call him and let’s see why you chose him over me!” oh god you can’t take it anymore. Finally, you found the photo you were looking for. “No Bitch, I wasn’t calling him. Here take a look at this so you’ll know that this slut in front you isn’t lying, that this slut right in front of you didn’t cheat on you and lastly this slut right in front of you loves you so much that she’ll never do these things to you” You slammed your phone right on his face and you hit his nose but you didn’t care. You rushed towards your bedroom and into the bathroom.  You locked yourself right beside the door. You just cried there, your head were placed against your knees, your body was shaking. Next thing you know, Zayn was already knocking on the door. “Babe, I’m sorry. I was just tired and when I saw it my anger got the best of me. I didn’t even think. I was an Idiot doing that and saying those words to you. I’m sorry babe, I’m sorry. I love you, please forgive me” He said against the door but you didn’t care. You just sobbed until you heard a click. You felt a pair of arms wrapped around your body and you smelled a familiar scent, a scent that comforts you every time you don’t feel right. You just continued to cry as he whispered words in your ears. “Babe, please forgive me. I’m sorry; I know I was a jerk for yelling at you and calling you a slut. I was just jealous and at the same time scared. I was scared that you’ll find someone better than me and then you’ll leave me. I’m sorry, I love you. I love you (Y/N). You’re my everything, please forgive me” he said but you didn’t reply. Soon, you felt a pair of strong arms carry your weak body. Zayn was carrying you and you felt him sitting on your bed. He was hugging you while you were just sitting on his lap. You slowly opened your eyes; Zayn planted a kiss on your forehead as a tear escaped his eyes. You looked directly on his eyes, he was already crying. “I’m sorry babe, I’m sorry” he sobbed. You used your thumb to wipe his tears away. “I love you Zayn, please trust me. I love you, you’re my everything babe. I love you” “I trust you babe, I’m sorry. I love you too” And with that, he pressed his lips against your cold lips.