Psychoanalysis [Editing]


[Warning: This is the third story I've written seriously. Therefore it isn't as developed as my others. I plan to edit it after projects have been completed. If you don't mind bad grammar and the like go on and read. If you do not want to see that though, then please wait until I have the story edited.]


  My name is Damien Cole Demidov.  I am twenty-one years old, and I’ve been locked up in an asylum for four years.  On this day, I am scheduled to be released.  

To tell a little about my looks; I have black hair about two inches from my shoulders.  I am vampire pale.  I have crystal blue eyes, and I’m 5’9’’. 

For the people subject; I have met many a person in my time.  Maybe you’ll meet some of the throughout the story.  God knows they appear in all the wrong places. 

Onto other things…My grandparents are full-blooded Russian.  I used to live in Russia, but I live in the U.S. now, I was shipped over with my mom when I was twelve.  I trained my voice out of my Russian accent, and learned English in under a month.  I now live in New York City.  My mother is back in Russia with my father, and grandparents. 

Now that we‘ve sat up placement, let’s discuss my love life.  I have a wife, whom I am not that fond of.  I also have a guy I cannot get my mind to stray from.  We became close during my time at the asylum.  Too close.  He was my psychiatrist’s intern, which means, we were left together a lot. 

On that note I believe we can start.  Let’s see where this story will take us.  There will be difficulties.  So please, try to keep up.

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