The Bad Boy I Fell In Love With- Harry Styles Love Story *FINISHED*


It was a busy night at the diner. Usually we close early but tonight i had to lock up at 12. I was never nervous to walk home alone, but I never walked home past midnight. It was stupid of me not to take my car. I don't even know why i didn't take it, but it doesn't even matter, walking is better for you.

I cleaned the tables, washed the plates, mopped the floor, put the chairs up and retreived my coat. I took the keys, closed the lights and locked up the restaurant. It was pretty windy tonight and i regret not taking my warmer jacket.

I started walking towards home. Every night i would by myself a Mocha Late at Starbucks but since it was passed midnight the store must have been closed. The London streets always did freak me out because it wasdn't a very safe place at night. Although i was never one to worry or be scared of something like that.

I was 10 minutes away from home when I suddenly became paranoid thinking that someone was following me. I quickly turned around but no one was there. I kept walking until i heard it again. I decided to speed walk. I didn't want to get myself in trouble, and anyways my house was up ahead. As I was turning the corner i was grabbed and pushed against the wall by someone with force. I tried kicking and screaming but it was no use.

-Don't scream babe, it'll only be worse for you. the man snickered.

He had a deep husky voice, curly brown hair and all i saw were his shinny green orbes glistening in the moonlight.

-do you want from me! Let me go!!! I screamed.

The man only held me tighter.

- If you move one more time, i wont hesitate to kill you.

Suddenly i became quiet.

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Nina Dobrevas Ella Mercer
Harry Stylesas Harry Styles
Louis Tomlinsonas Louis Tomlinson

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