Imagine #2 <3

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Justin Bieber was your boyfriend. You had been dating him for a year now and you love him more then anything and are falling head over heels for him. Until now. Fights. Fights every night over the stupidest things, yelling, screaming and broken hearts. You guys always seem to make up but you are getting tired...of it all...

"Y/N! I'm home!" Justin screams excited to see you and feeling almost guilty since you guys had a fight just last night.

"I'm in the kitchen." You say really tired. He walks in and you hunch over the sink with your hands on the side arms stretched out.

"Babe you okay?" Justin asks but you shake your head.

"No Justin. I'm tired. Tired." You say as you turn around to look at him.

"What do you mean?" He asks now worried.

"Justin your gone all the time, I know your a world wide famous singer and singing is your life but I thought I was too..." You say as watch his facial features change quickly.

"No. Y/N. I know what you are going to say next but we can make this work. I can try harder-" He tries to explain but it's not worth it.

"Justin please. Just make it easy for us. Just let me go, you focus on what you seem to care about more." You say as you start to walk out of the kitchen but soon feel a hand on your wrist.

"Y/N, if you leave then I'm losing what I care about." He says and you turn around but shake from his grasp and run up the stairs and lock the door.

"Y/N! Please! Just give me another chance!! Please, Y/N! Just open the god damn door!" He screams as he kicks the door harder.

"Y/N! I will break this door down if you do not open it up." He screams and he starts counting and you look at the door debating to open it or not.

"1...2...3... Y/N I'm coming in now!" He screams and you unlock the door and open and he comes flying in and slides against the floor and you start walking fast to your car and throw your bag in and it's pouring rain and you get soaked and you quick jump into your car and Justin bangs on the window begging to unlock the door...

"Y/N! Please! Just let me in and we can talk!!" He screams as his hair gets soaked. You turn on the radio to block out his voice when a CD starts playing and you hear Justin's voice.

"Hey baby, I made you a couple new songs; so whenever you get lonely and I'm not there I want you to listen to this and I know how you love to listen to music into your car." He says and Yellow Raincoat suddenly comes on and your head drops onto the steering wheel as you cry as he bangs on the window and you unlock the car and scoot over and he quick jumps in shivering and you sit on his lap in the car moving your knees to your chin as you sit on his lap looking out the side window and he wraps his cold arms around you.

"I l-love y-you." He says shivering and starts whispering the lyrics into your ear and start crying yourself. You change postion and straddle him with your knees on his hips and wrap your arms around the back of his neck and hold on tight.

"I'm so sorry!" You say and start crying again.

"It's fine as long as you you forgive me." He says and you nod and look at him in the eyes.

"I'm really cold..." He says but stops himself.

"But if you want to stay like this then we can just stay like this for how ever long you want." He says and you laugh as he wipes your tears away.

"No we should go inside I don't want you get a cold." You say as you turn off your radio and quick jump out and lock the car and run inside.

"I love you, I'm not going to lose you so easily." He says as he pulls you in close and kisses you with tons of passion.


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