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Finnceline Fanfic(one-shot)


~Marceline's POV~

As I head to Finn's house,I noticed that he was looking at the window,tears falling from his eyes.Then I felt that something struck my heart...Feels like I've been hurt too.

It was raining hard.I don't even know what i'm doing right now.I don't know why i'm heading to Finn's house despite of feeling lonely.I started to float heading to Finn's house and knocked at the door.I felt like I'm going to have a cold soon.

Just then I saw the man I loved standing there,opening the door for me.It's obvious that he's just crying a while a go.


"M-marceline?What are you doing here?"

I didn't bother to answer his question.Instead I entered inside he's house.

"Hey Marceline,what happened to you?" he asked as he closed the door.

I noticed that there is a picture frame of PB.I went near there and held it.

"Oh,uhm....Let me take care of that,I just m-misplaced it." I knew it already.He's crying because of PB.

"Finn,are you stupid?" That question was kind of unexpected.What I mean is,it just suddenly came out of my mouth.

"Wh-what?What are you saying?" 

"You know what,you're still stupid getting your hopes up for PB to love you back!" I shouted at him.Jake is not here also,so I can say whatever I want to say.

"You....You don't know how it feels like." He said as tears were forming from his eyes.


"Ofcourse you don't know!" he said then turned his back to me.

"Finn...Ofcourse I do...." I said in a low and cold voice.

"What?" he turned he's head back to me.

"Finn...Will you tell me what happened?" I want to comfort him right now.I can't stand seeing him being hurt like this just because of PB.

"I...I confessed at her.But...She rejected me again.I knew it.I knew it!Yes i'm stupid enough for saying those things to her even if I already knew that she will reject me.She will never...Never..."

I hugged him and stopped him from what's he's going to say.He will just hurt himself more.This is all I can do.All I can do is to comfort him from being hurt.I'm a vampire,he's a human.Were forbidden to love each other.

"Finn,you don't have to force yourself to love someone that will only hurt you.If I were you,I would just look at the people around me.Look at the importance that they're giving to me."

He bowed his head to my shoulder and cry all the tears he needed to let out.I felt the same way he felt for PB.That feeling when you love someone who can't love you back,that feeling that you're doing everything but he can't just notice you.I really felt bad for him.If I could only take away every pain in his heart,I did that already before.But...Sadly,I can't

After crying to my shoulders,we sat on his couch.We're both bowing our heads in loneliness.



"What would you do if...If...If someone tell you that she loved you?That,she will do everything,just to take that pain away from your heart?"

"I...I don't know."

"What if,that someone,is your friend for a long time?"

After I finished my question,he looked at me with a confusing look.I looked at him,directly in his eyes.I can't control my tears right now.They are now racing down my cheek.

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