Keeping Secrets (Leo Howard\Kickin It Fanfic)


I snuggle farther into my blankets as a draft makes me shiver. I got to go home from the hospital yesterday, and I've been nothing but depressed. I have a horrible pounding in my head, I can't do gymnastics and to make matters worse, I have to miss my audition. I wince as my phone vibrates on the bedside table.

From: Jack:)

Hey, I'm in the neighborhood, mind if I drop by?

To: Jack:)

Come on down. btw I'm home alone. Bring me chocolate.

From: Jack:)

I'm at the front door, Too late for chocolate:(

To: Jack:)

Gosh darnit.

I set down my phone and snuggle back into the covers. I giggle slightly as Thor wiggles onto my bed and crawls into my arms. He is so freaking cute in his little avengers hoodie! I hear a knock at the door.

"Come in!" I shout. The door opens to reaveal Jack in black jeans and a plaid blue button up shirt. Undone of course, with a white shirt underneath. 

"We match!" I say while pulling down the covers slightly, reavealing my blue plaid pajama pants. 

"So we do." Jack smirks, "Need a cuddle buddy?"

"Please?" I mumble, probably looking like a little kid. Jack laughs at me and crawls into bed with me, Pulling the covers over us. He grabs my waist and pulls me close to him so that there are only a few inches inbetween our faces. 

He goes to pull me closer when I stop him, "You'll crush Thor If we get any closer Jacky." As if on cue Thor lets out a little warning bark before jumping over Jack and walking back to his doggy bed in the corner. 

"Well, nothing stoping me now." Jack mumbles while pulling me closer, keeping a soft yet strong grip on my skinny body.

"So, cuddle buddy, what do you wanna do?" I ask while playing with a button on Jack's shirt.

"I don't really know... I guess I should have brought chocolate." I nod at Jack, my long brown hair bobbing up and down in its messy bun.

"Idea! Lets take selfies!" I suddenly exclaim. Jack laughs at me as I roll out of his arms and over to my bedside table, grabbing my phone I roll back into his safe arms.

"You really wanna take pictures?" Jack asks.

"Yeah, Ready? SMILE!" I put a smile on my face and look into my camera. Jack does the same. I click the camera button and a frown makes its way on my face.

"Dammit, its on video!" I say angerly. Jack laughs at me.

"What are you laughing at ninja boy?" I tease. Jack stops laughing and his face goes emoitionless at the camera. He looks back over at me and I can tell hes trying not to laugh as his lips have the tiniest smile and his eyes are filled with nothing but amusment. I reach up and poke his cheek, causing him to laugh. I look back up at the camera, which is still recording and send it a wink, stoping the video. \

"Ninja boy? Really? I perfer Super god of amazingly awesome Karate skillz." Jack smiles at me.

"Sorry, thats already Kim's nickname." I smirk. Jack sticks his tounge out at me and I flick his nose.

I throw my phone to the end of the bed, suddenly tired. I snuggle into Jack, inhaling his warm cinnamon scent.

"Jade, are you going to sleep?" Jack asks while tightening his grip on my waist slightly. I nod in his chest, "Okay, go ahead." Thats all I hear before falling into a deep sleep. 


Sorry this is like, REALLY short! I'm having a case of writers block so... yeah it'll be longer next time.... COmment, VOte and FAn

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