B1:Chapter 1-Arrival

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I walk down a street that I have never known about.Two months of searching feels like forever and I'm tired.I miss everyone who are back home.I ran away because I wanted to meet these so called 'brothers' of mine.I just found out about them not to long ago and something fired up in me.I wanted to meet them and actually communicate with them.I don't know much about them,but I will soon if I make it there.Hopefully,I'll be able to start a new life with new people and not douchy jerks.I will soon be with my brothers.As I'm walking down the sidewalk,I see four people. A girl and three guys,one with blonde hair,one with brown hair and the other one had three colors in his hair red,blonde and black.I thought his hair was pretty cool.

"Hello,you new here?"said the girl.

"Hello there and yes I am.I'm actually looking for someone.Could you maybe help me?" I asked hoping they would accept.

"Yes of course,what is it that you need?"said the guy with the cool hair.

"I'm looking for my brothers,their names are Mokuba and Seto Kaiba.Do you know them?''I said.

"Yea actually,they own a company called Kaiba corp,"said the girl.

"Wait your related to Kaiba?! How's that possible,I mean you look so kind and he's...so not.No offense,"said the blondie.

"I would agree,but I don't know him,"I said rubbing the back of my head and sighed.

"By the way,my name is Tea Gardner,he's Joey Wheeler,Tristan Taylor and he's Yugi Moto,"said the girl known as Tea.

"Nice to meet you all,I'm Rose Martinez,"I responded back with a small smile.

"If you want,we can show you the way?"said Yugi.

"That'd be great!Thank you,"I say.I knew today,I was going to see my brothers.They continued walking and I followed.

"Wait,Yugi look,she has one of the millenium things,"said Tristan.

"Oh how odd,I haven't noticed.Well so do I,"said Yugi.

"Really? And it's a millennium ring,and I'm guessing that's the millennium puzzle?"I ask.

"Yep,I've never seen someone else with an item."he said back.

"Me neither,until now,"I said.

"Hey Rose,how old are you?"said Tea.

"I'm 16 and your selfs?"I said.

"Wow we're all the same age."said Joey.

We kept walking.I was amazed that I already met new people and how kind they were.

"Hey,I've never seen you here.Are you from here?"said Yugi

"No,I use to live in Germany.Its pretty far from here."I said

"Then,how did you come and what about your parents?Did they let you come here?"he said in a curios voice.

"They actually...don't know I'm here.I ran away two month ago,"I said.They all look at me with idiotic faces.

"But why would you do that?"said Tea.

"My parents didn't want me to find out about my brothers,eventually I did.So I wanted to go,but they didn't let me.In which it resulted in me running away," I said.

"But are you even going back to them?"said Joey.

"At the moment,I'm not planning to,''I say.

"Look Yugi your face is red,"said Tristan teasing him.

"Its called blushing you idiot,"said Tea.