B1:Chapter 1-Finding New Friends

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Before you start reading,here are somethings you should know:

1)This is not little Yugi.Its teen Yugi.So like Yami's hight.

2)Rose is Seto Kaiba's little sister,but shes NOT older than Mokuba Kaiba.

3)She was separated from her brothers

4)To pronuce Yugi's last name is Mo-Toh

5)Roae has a millinium ring and neckelce(they both come together)They help to read minds,move fast,go to past and future.

6)Seto Kaiba's parents did not die.

(Warning: I did change the main characters name to Rose Martinez.Just saying)

That's pretty much it.Enjoy


I walk down a street I don't know where I am.Two months of walking and im tired and feel so lonely.I miss my cousin's and friends,but i had to leave to find my real family.The only people who are related to me.I don't know much about them,but I will soon if i make it there.I plan to start a new life without people who don't be mean to me.I will soon be with my brothers.The last time i dueled was with some random people because they stole a little kids duel deck.I was carrying my cards with me just in case if someone challenges to duel me.As I'm walking down the sidewalk,I see four people. A girl and three guys,one with blonde hair.one with brown hair and the other one had like three colors in his hair red,blonde and black.I thought his hair was cute.

"Hello,you new here?"said the girl.

"Hello,and yes I am.Can you help me find someone?" I said .Maybe they can help me find my brothers.

"Yes,whats their names."said the guy with the three hair colors.

"Their my long lost brothers, Seto Kaiba and Mokuba Kaiba.Do you know them?''

"Yes we do.They own a company called Kaiba corp."said the girl.

"Wait your related to Kaiba.?!? How's that possible,I mean you look so nice and he...he's so mean.No a fence."said the guy with the blonde hair.

"Yes I am'' I said.

"My name is Tea Gardner,he's Joey Wheeler,Tristan Taylor and he's Yugi Moto."said Tea

"Nice to meet you guys,my name is Rose Martinez."I responded.

"If you want,we can show you the way"said Yugi.

"Sure,thanks"I say well smiling.I knew today,I was gonna see my brothers.I followed them well they were showing me the way.

"Wait,Yugi look.She has one of the millenium things."said Tristan.

"Oh yeah,me too.Whats yours?"said Yugi.

"Oh,its a millenium ring and necklace.They both come together.Whats yours?"I ask. "Its a millenium puzzle.I have never see someone else with an millenium item."he said back."Me neither."I said. "Hey Rose,how old are you?"said Tea."I'm 16 years old and you guys?"i said. "Wow we're all the same age."said Joey.

We keeped walking.I was amazed that i already met new people.I thought it would be hard to find my brothers but they helped me.

"Hey,I have never seen you here.Are you from here?"said Yugi"No ,I live in a place called Long Island.Its pretty far from here."i said"Then,how did you come and what about your parents?' Did they let you come here?"he said in a curios voice. "They actually...don't know I'm here.I ran away two month ago."I said.They all look at me.'But why would you do that?"said Tea."Its hard living with people who barely care about you.I knew about my brothers ever since i was a little girl,but my parents didn't want me and my brothers together.I don't know why." I said."But are you even going back to them?"said Yugi."I don't think so.I already found a school and somewhere to live here.Why?''I say.