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Rockstar Love

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"Ready?" Jake asked me as he walked in the bathroom. 

"Yup. I got all my hair stuff and makeup and am good to go!" 

"Good. We're going to have fun."

"You bet!" 

"Hey, it's not everyday we go to Paris."

"I can't wait!" I said as I walked into our room. I finished up packing and made sure we had everything. 

Then Jake and I grabbed our bags and put them on his car. We hopped in and were off to the airport. We got through security and waited a half hour to board the plane. We sat at the bar and just talked. Then Jake's sister called me. 


"Scarlett, how about now?"

"No!" I got up and walked away from Jake. "I told you I won't be for along time, if ever." 

"Whatever you say, I still give you until after your honeymoon, though."

"Fine, but we'll find out then I guess, huh?"

"Yeah. Yeah. Well I just wanted to call. Have a safe flight. Love you guys."

"Alright, thanks! And love you too!" I hung up my phone and walked over to sit with Jake again. 

"What was that about?" Jake asked me.

"Nothing, just your sister calling to make sure we have a safe flight and that she loves us."


Then they called for our flight to board. I was so excited! I kept thinking about how amazing this was going to be. It was long, I was jumpy most of the time but eventually fell asleep on Jake's shoulder. Then I woke up with a half hour left of the flight. We got off the plane and grabbed our bags and got a car for our trip. 

"Wait, we don't speak French." Jake said.

"Don't worry. I took French all through high school." I told him. 

We got to the hotel and it was amazingly beautiful inside! 

"Bienvenue!" (Welcome!) The woman at the front desk said. Jake looked at her confused. 

"Je vous remercie. Parlez-vous anglais?" (Thank you. Do you speak English?) Is what I asked her.

"Oui." (Yes) She replied. Then went on in English. "Tourists?"

"Yeah, honeymoon in Paris. We're from America." I said.

"Very nice. Well congratulations. What's the room under?" 

"Thanks, it should be under Pitts."

"It is." She handed us a key, not like the cards, but an actual key to get into our hotel room. I thought it was the coolest thing ever! 

We put our bags on  a luggage cart and got in the elevator. We went up to the sixth floor. We found our room and went inside. It was amazing. The room had a kitchen, and living roomish area, a bathroom, a dining area, a bedroom, and it had it's own bathroom. The place was just huge! We tossed our stuff in the bedroom and plopped onto the couch for a minute. I pulled out my laptop and looked up places to go. It was noon, so we went out for lunch and then just walked around. We got back to the hotel at five, and went to the hotel's restaurant and ate. It was amazing. Jake and I both decided on ratatouille with pasta. It tasted great. We both loved it. 

"Avez-vous apprécié votre repas?" (Did you enjoy your meal?) Our waiter asked. 

"Oui. Il était délicieux." (Yes. It was delicious.) I said to him. 

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