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The One Direction Dirty Imagines 1|| Completed

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You always knew Harry was the jelous type but somtimes it would get out of hand, he would get mad everytime a male took a glance towards you, he wanted everyone to know that you were taken by him and oly him so he would be sure to leave lovebites all over you that would leave you covered for days. But you knew you were his and you only wanted to be his, yes he got overprotective sometimes but you still loved him..

Tonight was one of those infinate nights that Harry decided to take you out to a nice dinner, you loved that about him his loyality and class never seemed to end like opening the door for you etc. You were going to a very posh classy restraunt in London and you wore a white skin tight dress that came just above you knees along with your pearl necklace Harry had gotten you for your 2 year aniversery, you curled your hair and put it up in a nice updo because after all it was a very high rated place. Soon Harry got home from the studio and quickly changed before walking out the door.. The car ride there was nice Harry talked about his day and you did aswell and before you knew it you were pulling up to the restraunt. Harry opened the door for you and you gave him a quick kiss on the cheek before walking with him hand in hand into the restraunt.

"Name please sir" the butler at the front asked Harry

"Styles" Harry repied which made the butlers eyes light up

"Oh yes Mr.Styles we have been expecting you! righ this way please." He said as he grabed menus and guided you both to your table. You sat down and Harry did aswell before holding your hand on top of the table causually rubbing your hand which he new realaxed you greatly

"I love you Alexis, so much do you know that?"

"I love you to Harry, and of couse I know that" you smiled back at him makign contact with his emerald eyes that were shining in the dim light in the private balcony he had reserved

"Just erm making sure" He cheekly smiled back before taking his thumb and pushing it into the hole on the side of your fist whilst looking at you and you knew what he was refering to.. You smiled back and he shot you a wink

"Later" you told him before looking back down at the menu.

"I may just have to take you up on that" he smiled

just then a young fit waiter couldnt have been more than 20 came to your table and offered you champagne and wine

"Excuse me madame, may I intrest you in some champagne or wine of um maybe somthing else" He said the last part flirtaously and you prayed Harry had not heard the last part but judging by the grip tighting on your hand he did.

"Ill have the champagne please" you smiled back at him which seemed to make him more interested.. Did he not see Harry sitting right there?

He poured a glass of champagne before turning to Harry who was by now shooting dagers visually at the young waiter.

"and for you sir? Chmapagne or wine?" you asked casually

"Wine please" Harry repiled tensly making sure he could hear the anger in his voice.. the waiter nodded and pourd him his glass of most likley expensive wine and then took both your orders before walking off

"Twat.." Harry murmered under his breath

"Harry its okay you are my one and only dont worry" you smiled and took a sip of your champagne as did he with his wine

"Excuse me I need to you the loo" you excused yourself and Harry nodded

as you were walking to the loo you praied the waiter would try anything, you onyl wanted Harry no one else not once did you think of cheating or anything he was the best boyfriend ever.. You were about to enter the loo when the cocky waiter came back and pressed up against the wall

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Harry Stylesas Himself
(Y/N)as You
Louis Tomlinsonas Himself
Zayn Malikas Himself
Niall Horanas Himself
Liam Payne as Himself
One Direction as Their Sexy Selfs

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