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For $ale (you write the prequel or sequel)

Dedicated to

For sale – one heart – horrible condition – will take anything for it.

Please – just cut it out of my chest – and end this suffering.

Daisy stared at the A4 sheet of paper on the notice board in the drama room foyer. It was hard to miss coming in to the building when written in think black marker and in the middle of the board.

At the bottom were tiny slips with the same mobile number on it ready for anyone to tear off. Daisy wondered if it was some sort of joke. Their drama teacher was known for pulling some crazy stunts on them. She wondered if this was another?

She heard the door open and several students entered and coming up to her, Daisy turned to see her friends join her.

“This isn’t one of Ms Hammer’s experiments is it?” Mike asked.

Mike was the same five foot five as Daisy, with crazy dark curly hair like Daisy’s but that was were the similarities ended. Daisy was on the round side, big boned, her mother called her. Where as Mike was pencil thin. People often thought they were related but they weren’t.

“I don’t know,” Daisy told him.

“It has to be a joke right,” Eric was Mike’s best friend and on the loud side. As in that his was not loud sounding but loud looking. Eric was a proud gay and dressed very stereo typical of one. He was a little taller than Mike, and Daisy had once question Eric as to why he had not falling in love with his best friend like the old clique would have. Only to be told that Mike was definitely not Eric’s type. When she asked about that he had mentioned – two bottoms don’t make it right. To that day she still didn’t understand what he had meant.

Daisy’s best friend Gale had come to stand beside her and looking up at the notice leaned in and carefully tore off one of the tabs. Gale was a little shorter than Daisy, with red hair that she always wore back in a braid. For as long a Daisy had known Gale her hair had never been any different. Looking at the phone number she got out her phone and dialled in the number.

“What are you doing?” Shane asked. He was hovering behind the four of them not really taking much notice until then. Shane was over six foot and the quietest of all of them. He did drama because his mother thought he needed to become more confident. But it only made Shane more self conscious. It didn’t help either that he had blonde hair, bright blue eyes and was gorgeous. He was always getting unwanted attention and too many times had girls and boys declaring their love for him. He hated it and never took any of it seriously.

“Seeing if the number is on my phone,” Gale told them.

“Is it,” Shane asked.

“No. And I have just about everyone’s number too. Maybe it is something from Ms Hammer.”

They all stared at the notice board.


Hovering behind the stair case in the drama foyer Tony watched the five students looking at the notice on the board. Tony had become so frustrated with the situation of always falling in love with a person who would never try to love back. ‘They won’t even get to know me better,’ Tony thought bitterly.

They would simply looked at Tony and turned Tony down.

But the last person to turned Tony down had hurt the most. They had actually been friends and Tony had thought that this person was the one. It certainly felt like there had been something between then. So what had gone wrong?

When Gale had torn off Tony’s phone number Tony had panicked and immediately pulling the mobile out had turned it off. The last thing Tony wanted was for it to ring now when hiding under the stairs.

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