For $ale (you write the prequel or sequel)

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When IcyWinter became my fan I did what I always do. I went to their profile page and thanked then. But when I saw IcyWinter’s profile picture –

For sale – one heart – horrible condition – will take anything for it.

Please – just cut it out of my chest – and end this suffering.

Almost immediately a story came to me and I thought I should really do something with this.

So with instant inspiration I opened a new page and wrote a short story titled – For Sale.

After I wrote it I thought someone is going to ask me to continue or write more but this really was just a one shot – short story. Then I thought I know what I could do and came up with two options.

Option One

I could ask everyone that reads this story to write in 2000 words or less either a prequel and / or sequel to my story and PM it too me. Then I would add it to my story dedicating that chapter to the writer who wrote it.

Option Two

In the comments under my story each writer can include a link to their profile/story where they have written either a prequel and / or sequel to my story. Use the title - For Sale (prequel and / or sequel) Indicating (or dedicating) in your story where the story originated from.

Does that make sense?

I thought it might be a great opportunity for someone who would  like to write but wasn't sure what to write about, to give it a go.

I’ve given you a scenario and now I would like to know from someone else just what happened to get to that point or what happens after that point.

I’ve given my character with a broken heart a generic name that can be used as either male or female. I will not indicate which sex they are, I will leave that up to you.

The other characters I will describe for you.

Are you up for the challenge? Write for me.

PM your stories to me or add link below at the end of the story, so others can read and vote who came up with the best prequel and / or sequel.

Good luck.

PS - If this ends up being an epic failure. This story will be deleted.

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