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Fionna's POV

After that amazing few seconds, I pulled away and just stared into his mesmerizing coal- colored eyes. They just stared back right at ume, staring into my soul, right through my anatomy. I could still taste the strawberries. He now had his hands placed on my shoulders, like I did.

We just sat there for awhile, like that. Just taking in each other. I glanced down at his chest, which had caught my eye. His necklace.. Was glowing. A bright, neon red. My eyes widened at the sight. Then he looked down at mine. I was too scared to do it myself, honestly. He didn't say a word, and just blew it off, like it was nothing.

Then he scooped me up, throwing one arm under my thighs, and the other on my back. I squealed, and his smirk got larger. Before I could say anything, he lifted himself off of the ground and began to fly in a gentle pattern.

I could tell that he was happy; he obviously couldn't keep the smile off of his face. When he smiled, even If it was a smirk, it made me feel great. It made me feel just awesome that I had made someone like him smile. I mean- he did have a pretty rough history.. I think. Although He had never really told me about it.

"Where is he taking me?" I thought to myself, enjoying the cool breeze, with a side of Marshall's cologne. It smelled like.. I don't know, men. Tough guys. Fist fights without the sweat. the smell you'd expect a gym full of guys to smell like, before you have actually painfully experienced the actual scent. It smelled like the thought of .. Him, with a hint of strawberry. (But I really think that was the smell of his breath.)

After a while, I just had to know. "Where are you taking me marshy?" I asked, trying to sound as innocent as I could. "Wherever." He replied cooly.

"Hu- what do you mean wherever?!" I replied, more angered. "You don't even know where were going?!"

He put on a relaxed expression and tucked a small strand of hair behind my ear, smirking again. "I thought we could hang for a bit, doll."

I replied with no words, with only a small head nod and a pleased smile. My mind began to ponder everything that I hadn't been aware of for the past few hours. Like cake, and how she would flip out If she knew about any of this, and that or maybe even the ice queen, and what she was up to. Even the candy people, and how I hadn't been helping them out lately.

Before I could finish my thoughts, Marshall had set me down on a small, grassy hill. He laid down, letting all his worries drift away. His hands were placed under his head, his legs were casually twisted, and his eyelids were peacefully shut. I shrugged, and did the same, but on the opposite side of the hill. When I did, I felt our hands touch and another spark appeared. I really loved it when that happened. We looked up at the night sky, filled with stars.

"Fionna?" He calmly asked, now intertwining his hands with mine.


"W-what are... No, no. That was a stupid question. Never mind."

"Ok, now you have to tell me." I put, letting go of his hands, twirling myself around and getting up on my knees.

"Naw, it was stupid." He said, shaking his head slightly.

"No, now you have to."

"Really fionna?" He questioned, turning around as I did.

"Hey, now I have a question." I slyly reflected.