The Angel Within

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Chapter 2: Visitors

Charlotte's POV

"I swear! Josh Hutcherson will be the death of me!" Chelsea fangirled while the rest of the girls were giggling and saying, "OMG! I know right!" or "Even aliens think he's sexy and want to bang him!" I rolled my eyes, he's just a celebrity...

We were now just hanging out in our bedroom. Sadly, we all shared one. There were 12 girls in total, including me. They all had a bed while I had a damn blanket and a pillow. Guess who caused this? Mandy, Rachel, and Chelsea! Yeah, the typical fakes that people admired for some reason..

''Girls! Come down here!" Margaret commanded. (She was the one who was in charge of the orphanage. Did I mention she hated me like the rest?) "There's a visitor here who's looking for a daughter!" She continued.

All the girls squealed and stopped whatever they were doing and rushed out of the room. Unlike them, I just walked out not saying a word.

As I got down the stairs all the girls were already on line in their usual spots. I made my way towards my spot, the end of the line. 

"Hello girls!" Margaret greeted with fake happiness. "This is Macy and like I said before, she's looking for a daughter!" The girls began jumping up and down cheering to themselves. Like before, I just stood there, expressionless.

"Okay, okay! Quiet down!" Margaret said happily but there was a hint of annoyance. "Lets begin the introductions!"

Like usual, she started introducing Macy to the front of the line, which were fakes. Soon, she made her way down the line which were the followers. Then, it was finally me, the mistake..

"This is Cloaked Co- I mean! Uh, Charlotte Taken." Margaret failing to correct herself. Even though I should be offended, I coudn't help but chuckle to myself.

I looked back at Macy. She reminded me of my mother, blond hair and blue eyes. Then sadness flashed through my eyes. Thank god I was wearing a hood so she couldn't see my eyes! I quickly sniffed the air around her. I stiffened. Oh no. NO NO NO! 

She's a werewolf! 

I started to have a mini panic attack. What if she turns me into the council? But, she wouldn't do that she wasn't even going to adopt me. Was she? I looked back to her face.  Curiosity was clearly written on her face after looking over my clothes and hood. Then suddenly she lifted her chin up, her nose sticking up into the air. I gulped. She was going to sniff the air! She's going to find.

In one quick motion she took the whiff of the air and quickly stumbled back. Darn, she found out.. She stared at me wide eyed. Even though I should be worried she found out I was also a werewolf like her, I wasn't. It wouldn't take a genius to find out I'm a werewolf. I had Alpha power radiating off me. Not to mention my powers were stronger than the average Alpha. So I saw it coming.

She looked at me intently in shock. I shuffled my feet, trust me, being under someone's stare is very uncomfortable. 

"So. Who would you like Ms. Macy Sake?" Margaret asked, making Macy snap out of her gaze. THANK YOU!!!

All the girls stared at her intently. Even I did! What, I can't help it! A werewolf was going to adopt one of those human girls! A couple seconds passed until Macy licked her lips and cleared her throat.

Finally, she said a name that shocked everyone including myself.

"Charlotte Taken."









Heyy, sorry it's not very long.. Oh and that's Macy on the side! And you might be wondering who's playing Charlotte but you could imagine! For me, Blake Lively will be playing Charlotte :) - InfiniteWriterWorker / BrokenPencil




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Chapter 2: Visitors


You Imagineas Charlotte Taken
You Imagineas Trent Barks
Denise Richardsas Macy Sake
Connor Hillas Daniel Sake
Michael Fassbenderas Derek Sake
Tom Cruiseas Nick Barks
Lucy Haleas Maria Coy
David Henrieas Jeff Lanson
Nina Dobrevas Casey Marlow
Josh Hutchersonas Alex Klade
Imogen Pootsas Megan Chase

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