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Best Friends Forever?


Best Friends Forever? : Chapter Four :

The remote dropped from my hands. Mom stood there in shock, her bags falling to the floor. Immediately I shoved Cole off of me and stood up, straightening myself. He rubbed his eyes and a shocked expression crossed his face as he fixed his shirt, looking down. All of us stared at each other in horror, this is so not good.

"Uh mom, what...what are you doing here?" I broke the most uncomfortable silence ever.

"Am I not allowed in my own house?" She said, picking up her bags and stepping inside. She made her way towards us, eyeing Cole sternly in the process. Her eyes were fixed onto him as she sat down on the couch and Gordon entered, immediately noticing the tension in the air as none of us dared to speak at the moment.

"Good afternoon ma'am. May I take your bags upstairs to your room?" He said, smiling at her.

"Oh hello Gordon. Yes that would be great thank you." She smiled back as he looked at us once before sending an apologetic grin in my direction and walking away. I sighed, awkwardly shifting in my position.

"You both can get seated." Mom said, resting her chin on a palm.

I gave a glance in Cole's direction before sitting down with him. He sat as far way from me as he could on the couch. I stifled a laugh, he was flustered, completely nervous, but then, so was I. Mom would surely not accept this situation of ours. She would flip out knowing two guys are living with me in my house, but they're gay so it doesn't seem that weird but still, she's mom.

"Care to explain what is going on?" She folded her arms on her chest, resting her back on the couch, still fixing her eyes on Cole, as if she would bury him down six feet any instant.  

Let me tell you something about mom, she experiences mood swings all the time, you can't figure out what she's gonna do sometimes. For a given situation, she can be angry or happy or neutral or whatever she wishes to. Her reactions to every situation is different.

You'd expect her to lash out at you for something and she'd be completely cool about it. You'd expect her to be cool about something and she would lash out. So in short, she's unpredictable. And I have no idea how she's gonna take this situation. So, taking a deep breath, I glanced at Cole who was fidgeting with his fingers and turned to face mom.

"It's not what it looks like mom." I said.

"And what exactly does it look like?" She furrowed her eyebrows.


"Go on."

"Cole and Brad are..." I started to say when she cut me off.

"Wait a second, there's two boys?" She leaned ahead.

"I...yeah like. Let me talk please?"  

She nodded before glancing at Cole for a second and leaning back.

"The thing is, Cole and Brad are like, brothers and their dad kicked them out for some reason and they had nowhere to go until they get their own places so I let them stay here."

"You let two boys stay here just because their father kicked them out? They're boys Scarlet, this is not acceptable when your parents are normally not at home,you should know that."

"I know, I do know that but they're not like normal boys."

She looked back and forth between me and Cole. He was trying his best not to laugh, so was I.

"What do you mean they're not like normal boys?"

"I mean they're..." I trailed off, god dammit, this is hard. Whats hard? Hard telling your mom the guys are gay, how hard can that be?

"Yes Scarlet, they're what?"

"We're gay." Cole intervened. My head shot up to him and he glanced at me once before looking down again.  

Mom turned to face me.

"They're what?" She shrieked.

"Gay, they're gay mom. That's why I let them stay."

"Oh, well this is awkward, but, what is your name kid?"

"Cole." He said.

"Cole...?" She waited for him to say his last name.

"Cole Harvard."

"Cole Harvard, are you, are you the son of Fernando Harvard?"

"Yes, I am." He nodded.


"Is he gay too?"

"Mom." I glared. She pursed her lips and rolled her eyes.

"Why did he kick you out?"

"Because me and my step brother kept fighting and he got sick of us."

"That's no reason to kick kids out."

"I can't do anything about it." He shrugged. I mentally face palmed myself. This was even worse than a father interrogating his daughter's boyfriend.

"Where's your brother then?"

"He's gone out for the day." I said.


"Mom, thats none of our business."

"Whatever. And why didn't I get to know about this before?"

"Because you weren't home."

"Scarlet, this is my house, I need to know if people are gonna be staying here. It's your responsibility to let me know."

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