Louis: Your entire world comes to a screeching halt at the sight before you. Through the window of the coffee shop, a sensual kiss between a couple turns into something more when you catch the face of the boy, and discover that it's your boy, that it's Louis. His eyes look at her like she's the most amazing thing he's ever seen, and it hurts. When his hand cups her cheek, then moves to tangle into her hair as his lips capture hers once more, the dam breaks and tears begin to flow. Because that's how he kissed you, that's how your first kiss was shared. And now the kiss that suddenly meant everything is now worthless in value, along with every I love you, every touch, every look - it was thrown away the moment he chose to put her above you. Your body is frozen on the spot with betrayal and disbelief, but it's when Louis glances at you, then does a double take that you start to move. Slowly retreating down the sidewalk. All you catch is his long look at you - eyes full of emotion that you can't read - before he begins to move, hoping to chase after you, but it's too late. You start running down the street, away from him, away from the lies he told.

Zayn: You've had an odd weight settled in your stomach for some time now, and it's been making you question things you normally wouldn't. Like his kisses, or his I love yous, or how he held you at night as you slept. The moment you opened the door - relieved to be away from work and these awful feelings, just hoping to be in the comfort of Zayn's presence - you know you aren't going to get relaxation. Because the house doesn't feel right. You make your way through, and when you discover your bedroom, you realize why. Because there's another woman on your side of the bed. Where you should be. Because there's another woman in the arms of the man you love, their bare bodies pressed together like they've been in a relationship instead of you and him, and it kills you. A choked sob of shock and disappointment escapes you and it actually startles Zayn awake. Before he can even come to, you're grabbing things and throwing them at him, screaming out your feelings of betrayal and heartbreak. He tries to move to touch you, but all you can do is retreat, and run. Run as fast as you possibly can .

Liam: Silence has fallen between you, his phone abandoned on the carpet from where it fell from your fingertips. You'd answered his phone - it was a normal thing to do, especially if he couldn't do it himself, and he'd even asked you to! - though you certainly didn't expect the light and airy voice on the other side, begging for Liam to have his way with her like he did last night. Last night when you went to bed before him. You had hung up and the moment Liam saw your face, he knew you'd found out. He had no choice then but to come clean, so he did. He told you how long it had been going on, when they met, and all through it all you could think was why? Why did he do it? Was it something you'd done? Was it your hair? Your laugh? Your eyes? Did he not find you attractive anymore? Insisting that it wasn't you, that it was him, is when you finally had enough. You slowly stood, ignoring how Liam pleaded for you to stay and how he swore over and over he would call it off and make it up to you, and made your way to the guest room. Tonight, you'd be alone. And maybe you'd be alone tomorrow, too.

Niall: It had been a few weeks since his tour started, and you hadn't seen him since he left, barely getting to speak with Niall due to his busy and demanding schedule. But that didn't mean you couldn't make it work. You had called Paul and arranged for you to show up on tour and surprise Niall. You were so excited on the way over, bouncing in your seat on the ride and you couldn't contain your happiness to finally be reunited with the one you love. That happiness diminished the moment you opened the door to his hotel room, to find him undulating his hips into another girl, their bodies writhing on the bed as her name left his lips. Your bags hit the floor along with your heart, and in an instant you were suddenly okay with disappearing off of the face of the earth. The sound startled them both, and you let out a nervous laugh. The girl gathered her clothes and ran, and left you to face the heartbreaker himself. But what could you say? What could be done? Niall couldn't even bring himself to say a word, knowing he was wrong. But that didn't change the fact that he cheated, and you couldn't forgive that.