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Elizabeth Taylor (Harry Potter FF)


She was in Dumbledore’s office. Called in to a meeting with both the headmaster and the high inquisitor also known as Umbridge. “On the behalf of the Ministry we have decided that you should be-“ Elizabeth cut her off. “Look lady, yes I am new and yes I don’t have much experience. I also get angry when people like you with no right at all, interrupt my class. But you have just as much right to teach as what I have, so you can leave the judging and the evaluation to the students.” She spoke angrily. The woman dressed in pink looked a little taken aback. Then the color in her face returned and she took out a scroll and handed it to Elizabeth.

“You are herald resigned, you may pack your things and leave within an hour.” She spoke evilly. Elizabeth’s face paled, but Dumbledore broke her off. “I don’t think that is necessary.” He placed a hand on her shoulder, telling her not to leave. “Headmaster the Ministry-“ She began, but Dumbledore cut him off. “You have the right to fire my teachers, not to banish them from the ground. That power belongs to the Headmaster.” He spoke clear as crystal. Making Umbridge lose her color, but regaining it at once. Then sending them a false smile. “For now.” She said and walked out. Elizabeth stared into open air for a moment before leaving. Not giving the headmaster an extra glance.

At breakfast the next morning Elizabeth was surprised by a letter falling in front of her. It was addressed for her only her name written outside of it. She carefully slid it open. Inside there was a cloth wrapped around something several times. As she began unwrapping it, bloodstains got visible. Her hands began to tremble, which caught Dumbledore’s together with some of the closest teachers attention. Inside laid her mother’s silver necklace, the shape of a leave. It was covered in blood.

“No.” She whispered, her eyes filling up. Elizabeth stormed out of the room, earning several glances from the students, together with mumbling and whispering between them. Her stomach hurt, she clutched around it, still holding the necklace in her right hand. Tears floated down her cheeks, it was a message to her. He knew and her parents had suffered for it. She had nobody, absolutely nobody.

“I really think her behavior is highly-“ She heard Umbridge coming towards her, but the toad woman was broken off by Dumbledore. “With all your respect I think you should leave.” He said in a hushed tone. Elizabeth was crumbled together in one corner, her eyes shut and her hair falling in front of her face. She was shivering slightly, just wanting to die.

“Elizabeth, are you alright?” Dumbledore asked, placing a hand on her shoulder. She shook her head. “Just leave me alone.” She said, turning away from him, but Dumbledore didn’t. Instead he somehow managed to get her to her feet and guided her towards his office where she was placed in a stool. “Licorice?” He asked, taking one himself. She shook her head, her fingers closed around the necklace.

“He killed them.” She said. “Killed who?” Dumbledore asked. “My parents.” She whispered, looking up at him. She then noticed something in his eyes…was it sympathy? She laid the necklace at his desk, the Headmaster didn’t say anything. Only nodded. “It is my fault.” She said after a while. “How did you come up with this conclusion?” The Headmaster spoke and she snapped. “What do you think?” She sneered and grabbed the necklace on her way out.

The next couple of days Elizabeth shut herself down. She refused speaking to anyone, nor walk outside her bedroom. She was afraid of a breakdown, she just couldn’t handle it. Even if the other teachers didn’t trust her nor did they enjoy her company they finally figured she was a colleague and it was time to show some support.

There was a knock on the door, but she didn’t answer. There was another knock again, but everything was quite. “Ms. Taylor open the door, or else I’ll blow it down.” McGonagall spoke. “Fine.” Elizabeth growled and with a snap of her fingers the door opened.

In came McGonagall, finding Elizabeth huddled in one corner, a wand in one hand and the necklace in the other. Her normally straight smooth hair was a craws nest. She had deep circles under her eyes, indicating she hadn’t slept for a second. Her face was pale, her eyes red from all the crying and her normally juicy lips dry from lack of water. She was a mess.

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