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Mindless Behavior


Moka's POV

Monday, April 22,2013


I woke up in my bed with my dad at my bedroom door. I tried to run to bathroom, but the door disappeared. I tried to find somewhere to run but everything vanished except HIM. He started to come at me, so I slid down the wall. He came at me and started to rip off my clothes and I started to cry.

Moka: *screams*NOOOOOOOO!PLEASE STOP, PLEASE.NOOOO. STOOOOOOOP*wakes up, breathing hard, and looking around her new room from her dad* thank god it was a dream

(A/N: the dream ended when it says {*wakes up,......}, just didn't want any confusion)

Keisha: girl why is you screaming all loud, do you know it's like 3:09 in the damn morning

Moka: sorry, I had a nightmare

Keisha: I understand, but you know those boys will be in here any-

Prince: Mokellya brown why is you screaming stuff in the night

Ray : she's a witch, casting a spell on the entire house. * waving his arms in the air, while moving around like a monkey *

Everybody stops and gives him a "WTF BOY, DA HELL WRONG WIT YOU" look.

Roc: maybe she was having nasty dreams

Keisha: boy get your mind out the gutter

Roc: yes ma'am

Moka: it's called a nightmare, and really roc and ray

Roc and ray: yea

Prod: *in baby voice*awwww you had a bad dream, want me to sing you back to sleep

Everybody except prod: NO!

Prod: y'all acting like I can't sing, I can sing better than Micheal Jackson and Chris brown *pops fake collar *

Everybody laughs at his comment, and soon left out for me to go back to sleep. I woke up that morning, with the sun in my eyes and birds chirping.

Keisha: oh your already woke, great you have 1 hour to be ready

Moka: an entire hour, really, great!

I hopped in the shower and put on my make up before leaving the bathroom. I went to my closet and put on some red ripped skinnies, a black crop top that says"Love<3">

I walked down the stairs and all the boys were eating with their backs to me.

Moka: good morning lovely people. What's for breakfast

Roc : *turns around and looks moka up and down*you can get your plate when you go change

All the other boys turned around and looked at me

Moka: what's wrong with what I have on? Nothing is wrong with having swag

I walked over to my plate and ate with the boys staring at me. I tried to ignore them by getting my phone and beats and listened to music. I saw them talking about something until Keisha came downstairs.

Keisha: mornin. Awwwww moka, you look so cute.

Moka: I'm 13 and I'm and soon to be 14. I'm not "cute", I'm SEXAAAAY

Everybody looked at me like I was crazy.

Moka: I was just playing*mumbling*or was I

Roc: I heard that

Prince: she think she grown, but she gone learn *smirks at the boys, and then winks at moka *

Moka: what is that supposed to mean

Boys : nothinggggggggg

Keisha: ok we have to get there early for mokellya's registration , so go get your book bags so we can leave.

We hop in the truck, and head to school. When we got there, it was the biggest school ever. It was sooooo many fine boys too!! We went to the office, and just my luck the boys told Keisha and the principal they would give me a tour to get out of class. It was sooo embarrassing. Every boy that told me hey, got told off by one of the boys. These bitches planned this, that's probably why Princeton winked at breakfast. I'll show them, teach them not to cross me.

Moka: I know everything now. You can go to the floor for juniors.

Roc: I hope you know your sitting with us at lunch. They have the eighth graders come to our lunch period.

Moka: yea yea wateva*rolls eyes* can I go to homeroom now

Prod: go ahead. But do NOT sit by a boy

Moka: because?

Prince: because he said so. You don't need to talk to boys anyways

Moka: it's not like I'm going to get a bf on the FIRST day. Sureee, I might get someone's number, but not a bf. if I end up by a boy it won't make a difference anyways.

Roc: we just don't want you talking to boys. I mean look at you. You are a very pretty girl to these Lil boys. As your big bro I have to keep you away from them. Tell her Ray

Ray: *eating a taco* huh?

Prod: tell her why she shouldn't talk to boys

Ray: tell who?

Prince: Mo-*looks around* where did she go?

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