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School Rules Don't Apply


hey guys, this is a new story that i have started. It may absolutely suck but i want you to know that i don't care if ur advice is mean or judgemental i still want it.

so i hope you comment and fan and vote!!!

and also this chappie might not be funni but the next few will be.

________________________________________ //_-

Chapter 1: Becoming Enemies.

I walked up to the school my bag on my shoulder. Another retarded day at school. The iPod blared in my ear and I bobbed my head slightly to the beat. People looked at me and rolled their eyes. They judged me because I was a tomboy, not one of those bimbos or freaks. God and I am proud not to be.

I strolled to my locker and opened it. I looked at my time table and groaned. English is a bitch. I banged my head hard on the locker door and regretted it. Owie. I pulled out all the books sluggishly and winced when I caught eye of the book I was meant to read over the summer. Now that’s why I thought I forgot something. Oh well, if anything for my oral report I’ll read the blurb.

I shoved them all into my bag and slammed the locker closed. A teacher from a classroom came out looking angry. I innocently pointed to a player who was hitting on a girl. The teacher looked and stormed towards him. I quickly ran away before she could find out it was me. Sucker!

I made my way to my English class dragging my feet as I went. I didn’t have anyone to walk with because I didn’t have any friends really. I didn’t care because I don’t mind being alone. I never really enjoyed sports and activities so I never participated and made friends. And anyway by the time I made a friend some rumours would be spread around by the bitches who hated my guts and they would never talk to me ever again. At least not if they didn’t have to.

Everyone was slowly filing away to their classes all depressed like me. Except for the nerds who are so excited their jumping with joy!! (I am not against nerds, to be a fact i was one! (:) I was late and i knew it but it didn't make me want to go faster, in fact it made me want to go slower. But unfortunately i arrived at my classroom only 10 minutes late, technically that was early for me. Anyway i tightened my grip on my bag and walked in.

The teacher looked up and glared at me. "And where were you Miss Michaels?" my snobby nosed teacher said. I think i have forgotten her name. I was trying to think up a good enough excuse but nothing came to mind.

"Just walking past and i happen to remember i had school today Miss..." i hesitated waiting for her to say her name.

Her face turned an extremely bright red and she burst. "BOBBLEY, BOBBLEY!! YOU HAVE HAD ME AS YOUR ENGLISH TEACHER FOR THREE YEARS AND YOU FORGET MY NAME!!"

People were snickering. "I guess it wasn't that important." i said matter of factly. The teacher went red and she was shaking furiously which wasn't attractive because the folds on her face began to flap making a weird noise. Everyone erupted in laughter, some falling off their chairs with tears in their eyes. I smiled and sat down at the back of my class where i normally sit.

Mrs Bobbley should have given me a detention for being late and talking back to her but i have been to detention so many times she's given up in trying to improve me. I slumped in my seat and shoved my bag beside me. I crossed my arms and closed my eyes. Normally when i was in this tired mood no one disturbed me because the last time somebody did that, they went to the hospital with a broken nose. I warned everyone and i guess he just wasn't listening.

I could hear the teacher droning on about our summer report we were meant to do. Why the hell would a teacher give himeowrk to be done over the holidays? There are three reasons why they shouldn't:

1: They would have to mark it as soon as they got back and i know every teacher hates marking.

2: Why do work when you could just party. Duh!

3: Everyone hates teachers as they are so why make it worse? :)

I could hear some people chatting at the back of the class, someones phone silently went off, and i could hear one of the bitches tapping her nails against the desk. And then i heard the English door open. My eyes opened in happiness because this person was late and they would most liekly get a yelling the same as me and it would be hilarious. but instead i saw three boys who i had never seen  before. I groaned and closed my eyes again.

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