Imagine Niall horan ...


You were sitting on your couch just relaxing when you hear the door slam loudly. It scared you half to death until you realized it was just Niall. But he wasn’t being his typical happy self, this time his fame was red, eyebrows furrowing, veins popping out of his arms and his hands clenched into tight fists. He came up to you with a magazine in his hands and he threw it at you. The headline read, “Niall Horan’s Girlfriend Caught Kissing Another Man?” You looked up at Niall and gave him a funny looking face. He wasn’t too amused and you could tell Niall did not realize who you were kissing. He looked at you, still pissed and asked, “Why the hell are you looking at me like that?” You laughed and told him it was him but he wasn’t buying it. It came down to where you two were fighting. He punched the wall and made a hole and then yelled at you, “GET OUT YOU WHORE, I SHOULD HAVE NEVER DATED YOU, I NEVER LOVED YOU BITCH!!!” Hearing that made you break down. You got on your knees and started crying. Niall just realized what he had said and his face instantly lightened up. He got down on his knees and attempted to rub your back but when he touched you, you slapped him. His instinct, he punched you in the gut. You couldn’t take it anymore you left you flat and ran to Liams’ house. Liam has been your best friend for almost 10 years, he was the one who hooked you and Niall up. When you got to his doorstep you weakly knocked on his door and he came and answered the door. He noticed you were and hugged you tightly. He asked, “Whats wrong?” You trusted Liam and told him the whole story. He said you could stay at his place and you didn’t disagree. The next morning you woke up you heard yelling coming from downstairs. When you opened the door and got half way down the hall you stopped dead in your tracks when you realized who the fain voices were. It was Niall and Liam fighting. You heard Niall beg, “Please, please, please let me see (y/n) I need to see her, please Liam?” Liam being the nice and caring man he is says, “Fine, but if I hear anything smash I will kick your ass, no matter who did the damage!” Niall was all ready up the stairs before Liam could finish. He saw you half way down the hall way with your back slid down on the wall and you in tears. He hugged you tightly and said/ asked, “Shhh, shhh please (y/n), take me back it was a huge mistake and I can’t believe I actually believed that, just please I haven’t eaten and I cried the whole time, please (y/n) please.” He said starting in a regular voice and turned into a barely audible whisper from all of his crying. You really missed his touch and sweetly kissed him on the lips so he would stop his light sobbing. You replied, “Yes Niall, I take you back but only if you promise to stop believing so much of the media, and trust me more.He didn’t hesitate one bit to reply, ” I promise (y/n)!” and hugged you tightly and you could smell his sweet cologne. You missed him so much and were so happy to have him back.

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