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Forced Marriage [Editing Very, Very Slowly]


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Chapter 2:

I woke up the next morning to my mother knocking on my door. Why must she do this to me? I don't like waking up so early.

"Whaaaaaaaatt?!" I shouted under my blanket.

"Come help me make breakfast darling." She said sweetly trough the door.

I rolled my eyes and kicked off my blanket. "Okay, let me get ready first." I say getting up from bed. I look at the time to see 9:00 am. Wow when do these people plan on coming over?

I get done with my shower and put my hair up in a nice bun. I put on light makeup and put on black leggings with a light pink shirt, it's longer in the back then in the front and then I put on my favorite light pink flats. Once I get downstairs I already start cooking with mom.

"So the guest are going to be here in a few minutes. We are going to eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner together." My mom said cracking the eggs.

"They're staying the whole day?" I asked her.

"They are staying here for a couple weeks but only staying the whole day today." She said correcting me.

"How come they're back here?" I asked her and started getting the bacon out the fridge.

"They don't live close to here, they live in New York." My mom said now stirring the eggs with a whisk. "The City life just go to annoying."

"Mind telling me about them?" I should at least know about the people.

"Well you should remember them. There is your fathers bestfriend Thomas Giordano. But remember you have to call him Mr. Giordano. Then there is Linda Giordano and again you must remember to call her Mrs. Giordano, unless she tells you it's okay to call her Linda. Then there is their only son Nick Giordano, remember you guys used to be really good friends when you guys were kids." She says with a warm smile.

I thought for a moment and it finally hit me. "Oh I haven't seen them in years!" I still don't know who they are.

This should be fun..


An hour later mom and I have finished breakfast. Good thing Mrs. Giordano is coming over because she is going to help my mother with dinner. But the guys are going to make hotdogs and hamburgers on the grill for lunch since the weather is going to be nice out today. I texted Luke to come earlier but he is busy until 7 so I have to survive breakfast and lunch without him.

After I set the table there was a knock at the door.

"Darling why won't you go and answer the door." My mom said placing the forks and knifes next to the plates.

"Okay." I say walking to the door.

Once I open it I see the cutest couple ever. They are so adorable together, this must be them. "Hi, Mr. and Mrs. Giordano." I said smiling at them and moving to the side.

"Tori oh my you are so beautiful!" Mrs. Giordano said with a warm smile.

"Hello Tori, where is your father?" Mr. Giordano says with a warm smile.

"He is in his study." I tell Mr. Giordano and turn to Mrs. Giordano. "Thank you so much Mrs. Giordano. I haven't seen you in years!" I said, which apparently was true but I really don't remember them much.

"Oh darling call me Linda. Now where is your mother? I haven't seen her in years!" She said looking around the house.

"She is in the kitchen." I tell her while waking to the kitchen with Linda right behind me.

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Carrie Underwoodas Tori Conti
Chris Pineas Nick Giordano
Betty Whiteas Nancy Conti
Zac Efronas Jake Tornilo
Ashley Tisdaleas Mindy Polino
Taylor Lautneras Luke Tomillo

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