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Her old diary... - A janoskian fanfic


Primrose's POV ~


I flopped down onto my bed and stared up at the ceiling. We were n the middle of moving houses. Mum didn't like the idea of staying in the old house where her and Tia used to live. I fully understand, it's just, moving houses takes so much energy, and I just don't have much of it... I guess you could call me lazy.


"Prim! Someone's at the door for you!" I jumped off my bed and walked slowly down to the front of the house. Daniel was standing there talking to my mum. He smiled when he saw me.


"I didn't know you knew skip." Mum exclaimed. I smiled at Daniel.


"Well he does live next door!" I hugged skip and mum waltzed back into the kitchen. 


"The boys and I are having a Bon fire night tonight, they were wondering if you wanted to come."


"Don't you think it's still a little awkward though? I only met you boys two days ago..." He shrugged.


"You're our best friend's sister, which means your also our friend." I frowned.


"But Tia isn't here... So it's a little awkward." Skip rolled his eyes.


"Do you want to come?" I nodded eagerly and he laughed.


"Then go ask your mum because I'm leaving now." I ran off into the kitchen to where mum was packing plates and cups.


"Can I go to the boy's Bon fire night?" Mum thought before nodding. I kissed her cheek and met skip in the car with my stuff.


"Lego!" I yelled. 



*** at a small campsite***


When we had arrived the sun was just starting to set. I could smell the smoke from the fire as well as see the warm glow it created. We greeted the boys and sat down on logs around the fire. 


"Drinks anyone?" Luke asked holding up bottles of beer. I'm not one for drinking but I accepted anyway, I just hope mum doesn't find out... We chatted for a while before things started to get a little boring.


"How bout a game of truth or dare?" I suggested. The boys cheered in response and the game started.


"Ok." Luke started.


"Jai, truth or dare?" Jai tapped his chin and everyone shouted out dare.


"Dare!" Jai yelled a little tipsy. We all cheered like maniacs as we waited for Luke to think of a dare.


"I dare you!" He pointed at Jai.


"To jump into the lake. Butt naked." We all laughed and yelled as Jai stripped down. Beau placed his large hands over my eyes and I giggled. He removed them just as he was about to jump in. Splash! We all shouted and laughed as he crawled out of the water, shivering. Beau chucked his clothes back to him and we went into the next round.


"Prim!" Jai shouted at me. I nodded.


"Truth or dare?"


"Hmm... Truth!" The boys all shouted a chorus or 'pussy!' Or 'boring!'


"Okay... Tell us all one sexual thing about you." I thought for a moment.


"I don't have a gag reflex." I winked as I said and the boys let a few wolf whistles while I laughed.


"Skip! Truth or dare!" 




"Aww poo you!" I said as I pouted. Beau wrapped his arms around me.


"Poo you? Your such a cutie!" He laughed. I blushed as I turned back to skip.


"Ok, who'd you lose your virginity to?" He blushed and the boys whistled.


"Remember, you have to tell us the truth!" Jai slurred out.


"Honestly?" Skip asked.


We all nodded.


"I think... I think I lost it when I was 15. To Tia..." Any movements or noises that we had been making before stopped.


"Well that's fucked up." I said. Beau ran his hand through is hair and we all looked at jai. His face was expressionless. He looked down then back up at skip.


"I gotta go..." Jai stood up and ran towards one of the cars.


"Jai!" I screamed. I stood up to chase after him but Luke stooped me.


"No Prim, I'll go." I nodded and Luke followed after jai. We all sat down. 


"I think I'm gonna go too..." Skip said. We nodded without saying a word as skip left.

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