Their sex slave.

Edward dragged me out of the room, by a fistful of my long brown/ blonde hair. He dragged me around several corners and doors, too many to count, before dragging me down very steep and slippery stairs. I tried to keep up with him but the result was that I slipped and started to tumble down the stairs, Edward holding onto my hair still. I tumbled down about three steps before Edward halted my to a stop, by practically pulling my hair out if its roots. He slums an arm around my waist, probably to keep me from falling down the steps again.

As we reached the bottom we came face-to-face with a medieval looking corridor; spiderwebs dangling, torches blazing, a rat scurrying here and there, also the odd bone here and there. Further down in the corridor were cells embedded in the walls. The thick iron bars were old, but still very sturdy. I looked into a cell and instantly regretted it. On the cold, hard stone floor lay a huge pool of blood, in it; human body parts, and not from only one human.

I felt the nausea overcome me like a tsunami. I had to quickly turn to the wall on my right and started to hurl out whatever remains I still had in my stomach from not eating for about 3 days. I tried to close my eyes, but every time I did, I saw the picture of those body parts clear in my mind.

When I was finished being sick I straightened up only to find...
A/N *standing behind a wall afraid of the flying tomatoes* I AM SO. DAMN. SORRY!!! I know I should have updated but I tried like 3 times and wattpad just deleted it every time so now I finally got this chapter!!!! Wheee!!! I tried to make it longer as well. I am really sorry that I couldn't get the dedications done but there was waaaaay too many comments on me last chapter, sooooo; WHIEVER LEAVES THE BEST COMMENT AND IDEA FIR WHAT HAPPENS NEXT WILL GET A DEDICATION AND I WILL USE THEIR IDEA IN MY NEXT CHAPTER

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