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Sheriff's Son (Carl Grimes)


Here it is!!!!
Chapter Five

Roses pov

I ride well after sunrise. I know exactly where to go. It will take me 2 more hours to get home.


I check my phone. It's 6 now and im driving on the back roads to my house. My house is on a farm with a barn and two ponds. I park my bike outside and check the back door. I expected it to be locked, but its not. I get my ax and silently walk in. I scan the kitchen. It looks like someone is here. I put my had on the kettle. Shit, they are still here. I hear footsteps upstairs. I go up and hear voices. Wait, i know those voices.

"Mom! Anna! Guys!" I shout.

The door opens and mom steps out. Tears blur my eyes as I run into her arms.

"Mom, you're alright." I say in relief.

We hug each other tight. I hug everybody tight.

"Where were you guys when I was here?!" I exclaim.

I just remembered that.

"We were going to your grandparents house and the other cars in front were surrounded by a huge herd of walkers so we had to fight to get to grandmas that week." Mom explained after she made me a cup of tea.

"Where did you go?" Anna asked.

"I went to gerogia, found a group. They are really nice and they are totally cool that I'm a werewolf." I say happily.

"Will you come with me down there?" I ask.

"I have to get back, I need to get back because we are killing a horrible man."

They sigh and look at each other.

Mom takes my hand and says, "We can't, we have go to montana to tims brother."

I'm shocked, "W-When are you leaving?"

Tears drop from my eyes.

"Tomorrow. We need supplies for the trip up there. You can go back to your group even though I don't want my baby to leave."

She starts to tear up as well.

"I told daryl I will come back in a few days so i will stay until you leave." I sniffle and wipe my tears. I flash them a smile.

Anna smirks, "I smell another scent, a boys scent."

I blush and say, "Yeah the leaders son. His name is carl."

Mom asks, "Is he your mate?"

I shrug, "I don't know, we flirt and hold hands but I don't know. I have a really big crush on him though."

I blush harder after that last part.

"Well I hope it goes good." Anna hugs me.

"Yeah, me to Anna, me to."

We all caught up on the last two years. They had been traveling around for other werewolves and relatives.

They didnt find any relatives or werewolves in kentucky so they are going to montana to my step uncles.

Madleine and anna found their mates, but they went up to montana to see if uncle brian was there.

They got a yes so they are going up tomorrow. Its was 11 so we all went to bed. I went to my old room.

It was the same as i had remembered. Tim told me to keep the bike as a two year birthday gift. I smiled and huged him.

I looked at all the pictures and things in my room. I packed more clothes and got some razors for the girls back at the prison.

I packed a couple of cans for the road also in my bag. Once i was finished, I fell straight to sleep.

I heard footsteps and my door was open. Mom was shaking my shoulders gently, "Rose, honey wake up, we are leaving now."

I get out of bed and put my shoes on. Everything has either a white sheet covering it or its in the camper hooked up to the truck. I get my belongings and head to my bike.

I give all of them hugs.

"Be safe. Good luck guys, I love you all don't forget that either."

"We love you baby! Be good and safe!" They call out as they drive off.

I lock up everything like I did the last time. Hiding the key under the potted plant next to the window. I get a good look at the farm, then start my bike and head back. It was 7 when I left, so I will get back to the group at...noon.


I get to the gate. Rick is there.

Here we go, I think as soon as I get off my bike


"Goodness rick! I was in kentucky looking for my family." I say calmly.


"Yeah I was. But lucky for both of us they were at home. They are heading toward montana now." I say back but not quite as loud.

He took a deep breath and said, "Okay, since you left the group with out telling anyone, for the next two weeks you will always have someone with you, and you will not come fight the govenor, you will also stay in a cell and will not be on your bike."

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