Zayn Malik Cheated Imagine


Your Pov:  

I look at my phone wondering where Zayn is , he said he was gonna be home at 9 and it's 12. He promised and to think tonight was gonna be the night I was gonna give it up to him. He's in for it when he gets home and if he comes home drunk he's sleeping on the couch for a week. I stay up reading til about 1 and decide I'm just gonna sleep and worry tomorrow. I'm too tired.  

Zayns Pov  

Damn , lads I got to get home it's 12 already. (Y/n) is gonna be mad. Ugh. c'mon lad she still hasn't given it up ?! Harry asked with that cheeky grin. Nope mate but I love her enough to wait. But I'm gonna go lads , see you tomorrow at rehearsals I say before heading out of the pub. As I'm making my way to the car I see a girl sitting on my hood. I think I'm drunk and seeing things but I don't know. As soon as I reach my car I realiZe she's really there.  

Girl: hello baby ;) 

Umm hello?!?! I asked . I don't know who this girl is but I know I have to get home.  

Girl: come here baby you look stressed.  

Umm I better get going , nice to meet you. 

Girl: let me give you something I know (y/n) isn't giving you.  

Wait how do you know my girlfriend ?! I ask man this girl is creepy but Im too drunk to care.  

Girl: just let me give you a good time , she said going down on me , I knew I should stop her but I just couldn't I was horny , (y/n) was a Virgin to everything and I told her I could wait but a man could only take so much. I know it's wrong but I can't help it.  

Your Pov : 

I hear keys jiggling and I automatically know it's zayn so I look at the alarm clock and it's 3 a.m. Oh he's getting the silent treatment. He stumbles in the room turning the light on and stripping. I act sleep because Im not in the mood for arguing with him especially when he's drunk because he dosent know anything. He gets in bed and wraps his arms around me , and I can smell the alcohol on his breathe. So I turn and lay in our usual position but I can smell perfume on him . He usually smells like hollister models but now he smells that cheap Paris Hilton perfume. I push zayn away , I know what this meant but he's too drunk to notice. I go in the kitchen and call my bestfriend destiny , she always stays up late and since it's 3 here it's only 10 there. It rings two times before she answers.  

Hello ?! She asks , hey destiny I say with my voice cracking. What happened ?! Man I love this girl , she catches on fast. Zayn cheated I say my heartbreaking with each word and tears threatening to come out. I'm buying your ticket now , you'll leave at 12 a.m time there and it's give you time to pack and talk to him. Thank you babe idk what id do without you I say hanging up to get some sleep before my flight. I lay on the couch thinking . I love zayn with all my heart and he does this. Especially on the night I was gonna give it to him. I can't believe him. This hurts more than anything I've experienced in my life and I've encountered some heartbreaks. Soon I find myself dozing off to sleep.  

Zayns Pov :  

I wake up with a Major headache playing back the events last night and I shoot up as soon as I realize what I did. I cheated on the love of my life , the one girl who meant the world to me besides mum and my sisters for some bloody skank . I look over to find her spot empty on the bed. I stumble into the kitchen to find (y/n) sitting on the stool with a coffee . She knows , she only drinks coffee for 2 reasons . 1) I either did something wrong or she's stressed out. Both are bad. I look beside her and she has some aspirin and water sitting on the island and her bags packed beside her. WAIT WHAT !!!! No no no no this can't be happening I can't lose her. 

Your Pov : 

Zayn comes stumbling in the kitchen and his eyes widen as soon as he takes in my bags and I get ready for the conversation that's gonna break the both of us terribly.  

Zayn: Baby ?! Zayn Asks still with shock in his face. 

" you have no right zayn no fucking right " I yell getting upset quickly.  

" I'm soooo sorry baby , please I was drunk and I didn't know and baby please " zayn begged coming to sit next to me. 

" why ?! Zayn was I not good enough , you know I was scared zayn , you said you'd wait for me , I thought you fucking loved me , was that a lie , I fuckkng trusted you. " I scream hitting him repeadtly on the chest. He just grabs and hugs me tight ,I attempt to get out of his grasp but it's no use , he's too strong. " I'm sorry baby , I have no excuse and you have every right to hate me , I'm sorry" zayn said kissing my head which he knew calmed me down and swaying me back and forth. I relax in his arms . " I was gonna give it to you last night zayn" I said in a whisper but I guess he heard me because he pushed me away a little still holding onto my arms looking at me with wild eyes. "WHAT?!!?" He asked. "That's how much im hurting zayn I say before moving out of his arms , grabbing my bags and giving him a kiss. I didn't want to let go , i didn't want to stop. When I kissed him everything went away . But I knew I had to get away for some time. " I'm leAving to America to think zayn , I need time with my family and friends, if I come back then you know but if I don't then you know that too. I love you " I say before leaving a broken , shocked crying zayn. Seeing him like that broke me but he needs to understand I'm hurt as well more than him. I get in my cab on the way to the airport and a little part of me wAnted him to chase after me okay a big part but I'm glad he didn't. I need to figure out what im gonna do because I'm dying without him but hurting with him.

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