I was so angry. My god forsaken mother decided to send me to some elite crap shit school. How could she? I am her daughter, her joy and ray of sunshine. Ad that same good for nothing bitch sold me to my worthless dumbass father.

Ok, maybe that was harsh, but thats just what he is. When me and mom needed him when I was sick he ran off with the dam 29 year old bimbo, malibu barbie, 2x the tan, two faced little trick slut. Worse than that, he stole all the money mom inherited and we couldn't pay for my treatments. And do you know what happens when you can't pay for your treatment? No? Well they kick your sorry but out on your ass.

Mother dearest nearly died after she figured out what happened. But i guess this is what you get for marrying a Hex. Before I can continue with my crazed ranting my mom comes into my room. "Hey sweety, you ready to go?" Mom asked ith deep sorrow. I sighed because I knew she'd miss me. "Yeah mom, um ready to leave all my hopes and dreams for that pathetic son of a bitch." I snapped in hatred at the thought of leaving my hometown. Phenix city Alabama to Some place in Transylvania.

"Jordan Valentine Hex, watch that tone of voice with me." mom shouted. Wow! i didn't know she had it in her. ''Mary Eloise Hex, don't shout at your daughter like a worthless mutt." I shouted back just for effect.

you see me and my mother always vent our anger iin shouting at eachother. So far its worked pretty well. with a deliberated sigh she moves across the room to ingross me in a bone crushing hug.

''Sweety theres something that I have to tell you," "What mom?" I gave her my famous questioning look. " Jo-Jo, you're not human" She said it so quickly that i nearly passed out.

And thats when blackness hits. And i'm out like a light. Hellooo oblivion and beyond.

It was several hours until I had woken up.

Letting out a groan I sit up to about 14 people in my room. And that's when the screaming starts. I tried to get up, passing off the waves of dizziness and run like hell.

Someone grabs my arms and holds me down. I look up to an all too familiar figure standing over me. That's when I growl and try to lash out. This is the man that's causing me pain. Derek Simon Hex. My father in the flesh.

That man tries the best way he can and couldn't without shouted for help. " Caleb, Reese, Skye, give me a hand you sons of bitches." Dad shouts in anger.

Jus then a group of boys from the shadows come in. I started to scream like a banshee. No, I really mean I was screaming like a banshee.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH"-someone gagged my mouth. The windows busted, people groaning in pain, every glass shattered, and everyone's ears, eyes, and nose bleeding. There I stood barely held down to the bed, and I screamed like a banshee.

A jumble of incoherent words is shouted out. I suddenly found myself silent. My mother stood before me with a look of sadness.

She spoke."This is what I meant when I said you weren't human my child."

My mother walked to me. "Sleep now my child. Derek will explain everything on the plane ride", and with that she kissed my eyelids.

Sudden feeling of tiredness, I sighed and shut my eyes. I heard my farther say to someone"She is coming into her destiny as planned. We will have to alert the others." At the moment all I could think about was my friends Lexie (Alexandria), Evie or Eve (Evelyn), Arri (Arrianna). Then nothing.


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