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Death couldn't part us (The other Gilbert girl sequel)

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HEEEEEEEEEEEEEYYYYYYYYY PEOPLES!!!!!! I've missed you all so much! Honestly, I really have! I'm so sorry it's beena  whole month since an upload, but there's been so much going on! My Grandma's funeral... two exams last week... one yesterday... a 2 hour Product design exam today... plus lack of inspiration, And the end of the vampire diaries season 2! I want season 3 right now!!!! :( Season finale was like WOAH!!! and **SPOILERS** I don't think I breathed after that evil, evil Liz shot my poor, poor Jeremy... and then anna and vicki are back!!! Jeremy's the ghost whisperer! Who also has to thank Alaric tomorrow. and the day after that. and the day after that. :D Anyways...

Chapter one is currently on 45 votes and 49 comments, as well as 6 FB likes and a tweet. That. is. phenomenal. Seriously guys, and the twenty or so of you who've become a fan since my last upload, you're all so supercompletelytotally AWESOMESAUCE!

Song for this chapter is by Taylor Swift. Sorry if you don't like her, but I really love her music :) And the image is of Daaaaaaaamon :D

Disclaimer: I don;t own the vampire diaries. If I did, I'd have published TOGG as a real book and wouldbe rich by now... maybe. But I don't own any of them. Not even Damon or Jeremy :( But I DO own Jess :)

People who commented last chapter (it's a long list) : SophStratt; xXxBeautifulXLiesxXx; NeonUnicornz1234; DamonSalvatoresGirl; Btsweetheart; brookelle3245; TowerOverMe; Courtney14; Preppyprep25; Dark-Violet(thanks for all the love in your comment, btw :L); Dreameforever; rrmisme; XXMacey96XX; HerBrownEyes; crazyvampchik; titieli; X-courtney-X; awsomeness54; Amat3rasu; VampyreAngel; Billie94; Molliemooington; JEMMZA; BrookeErinMelton; SilverBrokenDreams; 526407343; MarynaFerreira; SamanthaHazard-Wesley; DamonsWife22; inak14; kaylesvampiresrock; catsport89; LaaaaambsRule; FeliciaFleming.

Woah! I need to lie down after writing all that!

Jess: You are lying down, genius.

me: BWAAAGH! Where'd you come from?

Jess: Your subconcious. Now shut up and give my fans the next chapter!

Me: You're really mean.

Jess: Well, you kept me in suspense for a month, and this is how you wrote me! PLus, people need some more Damon in their lives.

Me: Ahh, too true. Could you please ask Damon to talk to the fans a moment?

Jess: Sure, why not? DAMON!

Damon: Yeahhh?

Jess: Talk to our fans.

Damon: Why, hello there. Nice to see you all again... now, I'd like you to read. and vote. and comment on this chapter. Vote if you like the chapter. Vote for my unflinching ability to listen to Taylor Swift. Vote for my incredible sexiness. Just vote.

Me: **Freaking out** Damon, thank you so much!

Damon: **Damon grin** No problem, honey. **vanishes**

Me: ... okay. so, umm... yeah. Here's the chapter!!!



Chapter Two – Salvatore Scotch


Damon’s POV


In that second, I understood what people meant when they said someone looked like a rabbit caught in the headlights of a car. Or, a rabbit caught by Stefan would probably have the same expression, poor little bunny. Ric stared at me blankly, then slowly turned himself in the direction of the front door and stared at where Jess had disappeared to mere seconds ago.

“I’m a… Jess is… Isobel… I… what?”

“I never knew you had such a way with words, Ric,” I smirked. Stefan rolled his eyes at me, but Alaric seemed unaffected by my sarcasm.

"How could that have happened?” Ric whispered.

“Well, you see, Ric, when a man and a woman love each other very much, or in my case a man and a woman are very, very bored-” I started, a small smile playing on my lips.
“I get how it happened,” Ric snapped suddenly. “Buthow… how is everything linked? How did my wife, who happened to be turned into a vampire, get turned by my vampire student’s brother? How did my student who finds out she’s adopted happen to be my wife’s first child? How did the child my previously mentioned wife and I gave up fourteen years ago end up being my girlfriend’s adopted niece?”

“You gave her up?” I asked, my voice suddenly serious.

“Isobel said she didn’t want kids at that moment in time,” Ric replied with a nervous shrug. “I was… nineteen years old at the time? She seemed to know what she was doing, so I let her get on with it.”

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Chapter Two - Salvatore Scotch


Danielle Campbellas Jess Gilbert
Ian Somerhalderas Damon Salvatore
Paul Wesleyas Stefan Salvatore
Matthew Davisas Alaric Saltzman
Steven R. McQueenas Jeremy Gilbert
Nina Dobrevas Elena Gilbert
Sara Canningas Jenna Sommers
Katerina Grahamas Bonnie Bennett
Nina Dobrevas Katherine Pierce
Michael Trevinoas Tyler Lockwood
Zach Roerigas Matt Donovan
Candice Accolaas Caroline Forbes
Mia Kirshneras Isobel Flemming
Craig Robertsas Adam Langley
Sierra McCormickas Magdalena

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