School of Vampires


Chapter 4: Violet's Secret

When I got out of my car in front of my school, I saw Violet at the door and I quickly ran up to her;

"Hey.Whats up?"

She looked worried, but said,"Oh nothing. And you?"

"Nothing much. Why do you all worried?" But Violet just walked away.

As Violet walked away, Kameron came over and walked beside her. Right then I knew something was up.

At recess, I walked over to AJ and asked,"Whats up with Violet and Kameron?"

"I don't really know.", she replied, confused.

The bell rang to come in from recess. Violet is in my class and sits right behind me.So when we had free time today I asked her,"What's up with you and Kameron?"

"Nothing.Why do you ask?" she said worriedly.

"Because,you and him have been together a lot Violet." I said .

"So? You don't need to know my life Kyli. Maybe I want you to know, maybe I don't. And I pick that I don't want you to know."

I turned around in my chair facing the chalkboard rolling my eyes with anger as I whisper,"Well maybe I want to know."

Mrs.Salvitore tapped my desk saying,"What did you say Ms.Pearson?"


"One more word Ms.Pearson and your in trouble." I looked down at my desk and there's a note. It said;


Meet me at the bench tomorrow at recess

~ Violet

I looked behind seeing that Violet is doing work that she did not turn in. I looked back at Mrs.Salvitore and she teaching math.

When I got home that day, I logged on to, and I saw that Violet put on her profile 'In a Relationship' and I thought that the note that Violet gave me ment something. Something BIG. So I looked through her friends and I found one Kameron.I clicked on it. It said 'In a Relationship'

I whispered to my self,"Maybe it's him."

So, I sent Aj a message saying


What is up with V and Kameron???


It was a two hours before she text me back and she said,


I don't know she was yell at me when I asked.


Violet wasn't at school that next day and I told Aj that she's always here. Aj said that Violet text her on her computer and said that Violet told her she had 'Relationship Problems' and she couldn't be at school today and to tell me she wasn't going to be at the bench.

Kameron wasn't there either and Aj asked, "You think they are a pair?"

"No." I said stupidly.

"You know what? I think Violet and Kameron are hanging out outside of school too." Aj said with anger.

"Me too. I think Violet doesn't want to tell us 'cause she knows we would get really REALLY mad."                                            

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