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Mindless Imagines


There he was, Princeton, your best friend of 5 years. Gloriously sitting next to you, his silky curls almost resembled the suns rays (if the rays were a dark brown), as he laid back in his seat intrepidly listening to the teachers lecture on Shakespearan literature. The lone pencil he owned was carelessly wrapped his index finger and thumb as he bit down softly on the eraser and propped the chair onto the back two legs. His ambience alone could sweep a girl off her feet, let alone his charm, wit, intelligence, and style. He's the envy of every boy and the dream of every girl. He's also the only guy that can send you into a paranoia in the snap of a finger.

Too bad he doesn't know how attractive he really is, due to the excessive bullying he went through as a kid he now has low self esteem issues. Or as he calld it "not wanting to grab attention." well, he can kiss that goodbye because he's grabbed the attention of 90% of the schools' female attention. Your eyes trailed the features you could see of Princeton. His wildy curly afro, his beautiful caramel skin, the smooth outline of his nose and lips... All of it so perfect, you wondered how every detail on this boy complimented the rest of him perfectly. He turned to look at you quizzically, making your eyes shoot to the teacher in nervousness.

She continued her inunciated monologue of dreary pastimes the people back then partaked of for "fun," or as she called it 'Ye Olde Funtime.' Sighing horendously loud, you laid your head on the desk while restiong. The cool feel of the old wooden mahogany soothed part of your ragged and confused emotions and created a calmness. Well, until someone stared powerfully at you. No matter what you did, the feeling wouldn't go away. It wasn't an angry stare, but oddly enough it was loving. While you slowly looked up to hopefully catch the person in the act through the corners of your eyes, out of your peripheral you saw Princeton starion at you. well, not staring, he was traveling his eyes down your body, then trekked them back up. "Princeton and (Y/N), you two are partners," the teacher bellowed, making the hanging decor start to shake in fright.

Her nasally voice was hurting your head. snapping out of your trance, you turned to Princeton. Since he was already staring at you (and continued to do so), there was an obvious pot of emotion that had settled itself between you two. Silence had occupied the area before you spoke up. "So, Prince.... what's this project about?" Without a word said to you, he got up and began to trod over to the copier and scanned his scrawl of notes that he had intrepidly taken. when he was finished he slid the warm paper towards you, "This is the notes for today's lecture. I hope you don't mind that I copied them for you. I could tell you weren't really listening." As he stared straight into your eyes, his calming outward appearance contrasted what was in his eyes. Swimming through them was nervousness.

"Aww, thanks Prince! You're the best," You said happily. His cheeks danced a rosy shade of red and he darted his eyes to the floor while shrugging bashfully. You read the paper silently before glaring back at him, "So we're creating a poster on the romance in Shakespeare's play, Romeo and Juliet?" Not looking away from the ground, his afro shook up and down signaling he was nodding a yes. There were pens and pencils scattered all over the floor, and a gargantuan poster board laying there, challenging you to create a visual masterpiece. For the next couple of minutes you two worked together in silence, the occasional scratch of the marker breaking the silence. Then, you both simultaneously outstretched a hand to the only green marker. His cheeks blushed that light red once again as his soft ahand fondled yours and sent a jolt of electricity racing through your veins, "I-I'm sorry," You swiftly responded, your cheeks painted a faint red as well, "It's fine here's the marker."

"No, you can have it (Y/N)." He said smiling. he knew exactly what he was doing, because the teacher had left for a 'coffee break,' and the rest of the class was focused on their projects, he took this opportunity to catch your eye. "No you take it Prince. I'm done with my half lazy bones." He rose an eyebrow and kept that goofy smile on his face, "Did you just call me lazy? Oh heck no, we're fighting now." His strong arms wrapped around you playfully as he tackled you from your prostrated position. For a moment, your heart stopped beating. Princeton had pinned you down, his legs on either side of you and his face directly in yours. "Say sorry (Y/N)!" His warm breath enticed you and made it 10x's harder not to kiss him. "NEVER!!" You said while wriggling from his grip.

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