Zhoumi Moved to Korea for a different educational experience, He left because he really wanted to go to school there, then he ended up staying put, His family, mother father and two younger sister's jia & mi wu visit him and he visits them in china as frequently as he can but it's hard.

He endures hardship throughout high school, but manages to keep up his studies because he wanted to make his parents proud like most students and moving away would have been for nothing, He also tried his best to keep his head held high, but it did get to him.


"Finally This was the last of this place"

It's his Senior year, 18 year old zhoumi can not wait to graduate, He was doing great in studies as usual, and worked hard for his grades, He was the type that would keep a brave face barely not letting anyone know if he was in pain, He is the school photographer, an really had a passion it. taking photos of class activities volunteer groups an just candid's of teachers/student body so he was seen often around school, he was well known and liked by teachers

Zhoumi always knew he was different, he could never figure out his feelings.. maybe he didn't need too maybe he needed to just ignore them, he convinced himself to remain focused on his studies. Love was out of the question when he was considered a "nerd" he didn't agree,

He's been living in korea now for years an ended up the target of never ending bullying,
He becomes tangled in bad situations that put everyone he cares for in danger,

Will he be strong enough through it all?

Warning: Rated 15+

Contains: Language, Harsh bullying, Violence, and Sexual content.

Official Atpyc Character list, [M Is for Minor Characters]

[Sjm] Zhou mi: My Lead

[SJ] Kyuhyun: The boy from afar

[Fx Victoria] Yu Jie: The girl he can't know

[Sjm] Henry: Zhou mi's Best Friend,

[2pm] Nichkhun: Yu jie's Close Childhood friend,

[MissA] Fei: Yu jie's close girlfirend,

[2pm Chansung] Chuhan: Munjin's Best friend/Muscle Lapdog to himjae,

[Snsd] Hyoyeon: Henry's Girlfriend,

[Snsd] Sooyeon: The spoiled school princess,

[2pm Jun K] Munjin: Leader/Jealous Boyfriend,

[MissA] Jia: Zhoumi's Sister,

[BAP Himchan] Himjae, apathetic sarcastic an a jerk

[Snsd] Yuri: Nickhun's crush,

[2pm] Wooyoung: Taecyeon's best friend

[Snsd] Sooyoung: Sooyeon's Best Friend/Taecyeon's secret Gf,

[SJ] Siwon: Popular prince,

[Snsd] Seohyun: Kyuhyun's childhood friend,

[100%] Minwoo: Fei & Yu jie's best friend,

[Snsd Taeyeon] Naeun: Chuhan's girlfriend (She's pretty bad)

[2pm] Junho: Sunmi's brother,

[MissA] Suzy: Siwon's younger sister, m

[2pm] Taecyeon: Sooyeon's brother m

[Snsd] Stephanie: Kyuhyun's Cousin, m

[CnBlue] Yonghwa: Yuhyun's m

Sunmi: Leebum's Girlfiend, (yeah..) m

[Jay Park] Leebum, the aggressive reckless, badboy,

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