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When friends become enemies (part 1)

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1st march 2011


My life is a mess!! I have just come back from holiday (I know that doesn't sound so bad, but it will when you hear the rest, oh that reminds me of this story that my grandad told me one time about when he was in the war, well you get the picture, he dragged on and on about war) anyway, where was I before I so rudely interrupted myself? Oh yeah, I was on the easy jet plane when all of a sudden my message ringtone went off. I thought we couldn't get any service 3000 feet high up in the air, but apparently someone got that wrong. Anyway the message was from my best friend Katie. She had sent me a warning message in block capitals:


and that is all it said. I text her back saying “what has every1 found out about??”. I had to wait with anticipation for about half an hour when my phone started to ring again, gosh I had the fright of my life as I was just drifting off to sleep, but I read the message. Apparently someone at school had found out about my, how do I put it? Foolishness. Last summer I was at the Lochness with with my friends Katie and Rebecca, and I fell into the Lochness river. I started to have this massive panic attack because I can't swim so Katie helped me out , butRebecca being the amazing friend that she is, not, just stood there like a hyena laughing her socks off. I can't say I didn't laugh afterwards but I was seriously scared. But now everyone at school has found out that a) I can't swim b) that I get scared whenever I take a step into the water and c) that I had that massive panic attack last year that made me look like a fish getting attacked by a shark (oh and did I forget to mention that I am 16?). Katie told me that it had leaked out from somewhere and that all the entire of the school's population is laughing at me, and now I have to face the school tomorrow knowing that I am now a laughing stock. Katie told me that there is a video of the whole thing on you tube but I am too embarrassed to look.

1:35 am

ugh! I have to watch the video it has been posted under Laura's panic attack at the Lochness.

2:00 am

uh oh, I have watched the video over and over, it looks worse than I thought it was! What am I going to do, I have to be at school in 8 hours? The amount of views just keep getting bigger and bigger, and the comment, well they were just plain mean, I will just have to pull through and be the better person. I will ignore all comment's that anyone say to me, and I will be strong willed and get on with my life as thought the incident last year had never happened.

3:00 am

oh who am I kidding, I am the most shy person in the school, I know I laugh a lot and that some people may find me annoying, but....

WHAT AM I DOING?!! I am letting a small thing like a video lead me to insanity, I am never going to get to sleep because of all of zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.........

2nd march 2011

6:00 am

what happened? Last thing I knew I was raving on about how I couldn't get to sleep and next thing I know I hear that piercing alarm going off like a gunshot. Seriously someone should put a volume down switch on that old thing. I mean how would you like to wake up the crack of dawn to a bell going “ding a ling a ling” over and over again, until you can be bothered to get up to turn it off. The old alarm that my dad gave me doesn't even have a snooze option, it's like your little brother or sister, or even your pet jumping on you like you were a soft trampoline, until you could drag yourself up for another day of insane work, work, work. That reminds me of that film the shining, “All work and no drink makes homer CRAZY!!” or is that the Simpson's? Oh I don't know. All I know is that I have to go to school today and face a load of people laughing at me.

6:30 am

I called Katie and she told me that she thinks she knows who may have told people about the incident, but she said that we shouldn't start making a big fuss about who we think it is until we have proof, she thinks that it isRebecca, but I am not sure, but at least I can relax a bit knowing who it may or not be.

8:20 am

I got to school and Katie started telling me why she thought that it was Rebecca.

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