A James Maslow and Victoria Justice love story: New Girl


Cast: Victoria Justice ,James Maslow ,Kendall Schmidt ,Logan Henderson ,Carlos Pena ,Liz Gillies/Maslow ,Stephen Kramer Glickman/Gustavo Roque

BTR's Studio

Gustavo: Dogs Victoria Justice cuze I'm gonna be her new song writer so she's gonna live with since you guys are just 4

BTR: What we're gonna live with a girl?!

Gustavo: YES!

Victoria: Umm hey Gustavo I'm here

Gustavo: Dogs, meet Victoria Justice

James: I'm James

Carlos: Carlos

Kendall: Kendall

Logan: Logan

At the boys' house

Kendall: I'll be at my room

Logan: Me too

Carlos: Me three

James: So that just leaves you and me

Victoria: yeah

James: May I show you to your room?

Victoria: Tnx

At her room

Victoria: I wanna rest for a while

James: Ok

*Kendall,Carlos,Logan comes out from they're rooms and stares at James*

James: What?

Kendall: You like her?

James: Who?

Carlos: Victoria

James: how did you know?

Logan: James, come on its so obvious

James: Don't speak so loud

???: Hey James

James: Liz what are you doing here?

Liz: For one thing I'm your small sister

James: I know but you dont live here

Liz: Stop asking stupid questions !

???: Um guys where's the bathroom

James: Victoria!

Victoria: yeah why? But first where's the bathroom?

Kendall: The door to your right

Victoria: *runs* Tnx

Liz: So James your crush?

James: N-no why would I like her?

Liz: It's so obvious she's pretty J-

James: *covered Liz' mouth*

Victoria comes out of the bathroom

Liz: Victoria! My brother have a crush on you!


Victoria: Really?

James: Umm yeah

Logan: James come on just ask her out

James: yeah just get out first!

* the others gets out*

James: Victoria will you go on a date with me

Victoria: umm sure

James: Tomorrow?

Victoria: Ok then

Evening at James' room

Kendall: So did she say yes?

James: yeah she did

Carlos: I'm happy for you

Logan: me too bro good luck

Kendall: where are you gonna take her?

James: To my favorite place

Kendall: Whoa how did you have money?

James: I've been working and earning some money

Carlos: I'm gonna sleep now

Logan: Me too I'm so tired

Kendall: Good luck bro

James: tnx

Kerndall: no problem bro *comes out*

Victoria: hey Kendall, Is James still awake?

Kendall: Yeah why?

Victoria: I just wanna see him *opens the door

James: Victoria?*(shirtless)

Victoria: James Oh !*covers her eyes*

James: *laughs* ok I'm dressed

Victoria*uncover her eyes* Why are you laughing?

James: Cuze of what you saw

Victoria: Never talk about it!

James: Ok calm down, so what do you need?

Victoria: Nothing I just wanna see you if your ok

James: I'm very ok now that you care about me

Victoria: Another word I'm not gonna go out with you

James: *quiet*

Victoria: ok see you tomorrow

James: bye good night

Victoria: Good night *close the door*

James:*whispers* I love you...

Kendall:*opens the door* hey James I forgot my cellphone

James:*handed the cellphone* Here Kendizzle

Kendall:Why are you so happy?Is it about Victoria's visit in your room?


Logan: tell me what happened!

James: LOGAN!!

Logan: What?

James:No way

Logan: ok bye!!

James: bye go out!

Kendall: ok bye oh and one thing good night

James: you too bro


At James' room

???: James!

James: What Liz?

Liz: you should open the door!

James: coming

James opened the door

Liz:make sure to pick me up from work today

James: Yeah,wait! I cant i have a date with Victoria

Liz: Then give me money!

James: ok here


James: Victoria, why?

Victoria: get dressed!!


Victoria: Breakfast is ready,Kendall,Carlos,Logan


James:Victoria come on

Victoria :be right down,how do I look?

James: Wonderful lets go

Victoria: ok

At the restaurant

James: U like it?

Victoria:Yeah its wonderful

After that

James: Vic come on lets go

Victoria : where

James: To my favorite place

At the studio

Victoria: here?

James: no

They walked to a small room

Victoria: Wow amazing

James: Yeahit has a  bed and snacks and so many more,so we're gonna sleep here

Victoria: I will c- *James kissed her*

James:*stopped kissing Victoria* They already know

Victoria: y-you y-you

James: Yeah I did cuze I LOVE you

Victoria: I love you too and please dont take your shirt off

James: ok


James: Come lets go back

Victoria :ok

At the house

Kendall:So you 2 are bf and gf?

James: yup *kissing Victoria*see?

Victoria: Hey ,I love you

James: I love you too


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