Truth or Dare Percy Jackson Fan Fic {EDITING}


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Conner: I'm hungry 

Travis: Your always hungry 

Conner: Am not! 

Travis: Are to! 

Me: Okay guys let's focus on the chapter. I know you have ADHD, but I have dyslexia, and I have to write this. 

Annabeth: Your dyslexic? Now it's all so clear.  

Me: What do you mean? 

Annabeth: Well, it explains the spelling. 

Me: Oh it is on you little smart Alec!  

Leo: Ladies! Break it up!



I looked over to see Travis' response. He was blushing madly, and avoiding eye contact with Katie. I smiled. We where creating love, by playing truth or dare. Katie and Travis, Tratie. Oh, that sounds cool, Tratie. Yes, I would have to remember that one. I looked over at Nico, it was his turn, I wondered if he would ask me. I guess there would be nothing to worry about, Nico didn't seem to be very good at this game.

"Nico, its your turn." Leo said.

Nico looked around the room. "Annabeth, truth or dare?" he said.

'How do I know these things?' I thought.

"Um' dare."

Nico thought for a few seconds. "In the Hermes cabin has a pet tarantula. I dare you to touch it."

I stared at Nico, stunned. How could he be so evil? 'He is the son of Hades.' a voice inside me said. Point. I followed Conner and Nico in a daze to the Hermes cabin. Conner pulled out a small plastic cage and brought it towards me. Inside was a large, hairy spider, with legs about three inches long, and a big black abdomen. It's face had eight ugly eyes, and two long fangs. I started to shake. There was no way I was going to touch this thing. I was breathing hard, frozen in fear.

"Go on Annabeth." Conner said.

For a moment, I couldn't even speak. I took a deep breath, and reached my hand towards the hairy, ugly creatcher. I barely touched the nasty thing, when my vision went black.

I slowly opened my eyes to see Conner, Nico, and a very worried Percy standing over me. I slowly sat up. I was still in the Hermes cabin, and luckily that a cursed spider was gone.  

"How long was I out?" I muttered. 

"Just a few secounds." Conner answered.  

"Annabeth, are you alright?" Percy said, putting his arm around me.  

I nodded. "I'm fine." I said, "But Nico, once I get my hands on you-"  

I started to stand, but I found that standing was not an option when I fell over, on to Percy.  

"I'm really sorry Annabeth." Nico said, "It was the only thing that came to my mind, when you said dare. I didn't mean for you to get hurt."  

I looked into Nico's eyes, and saw that he was sorry.  

"I forgive you this time." I said.  

Nico looked relieved.  

We headed back to Percy's cabin. I was given the option of taking my turn, but I was to shaken up to think, and passed. Now it was Percy's turn.  

"Nico," he said, "Truth or dare?"


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Me: Annabeth, you invented Tratie? 

Annabeth: It's a long story. But yes I did.  

Me: I would have never guessed that.  

Travis: What's Tratie? 

Me: Nothing....

P.S. Sorry it's soooo short!

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