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He was cool...


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(-Cirus's POV-)

I glanced over at Mercury who was chatting away with Simon. Smiling to myself I grabbed a drink and saluted myself.

"You want anything else?" Michael sneaked up from behind.

"Jesus!" I huffed. I turned around to see him grinning childishly and sighed. "No thank you," I tightened my lips into a smile.

"You sure?"

I'm pretty damn sure.

"Yeah," I nodded enthusiastically.

"You really sure?" he raised an eyebrow.

Do I look like a freaking toddler? You stupid retarded dumb fu-

"Yes!" I nodded once again. "I'm sure," I coughed. "I think," I coughed again. "I'm coming down with something," I patted my upper chest.

"Do you want from tyenol or something?" he quickly asked. "We can go-"

"Yes lets," I grabbed his hand dragging him to his house.

"You're touching my hand.." He muttered. I stopped halfway and stared at him.

Virgin boy stared at me blushing.

I grinned.

"Don't worry," I shrugged. "I'm clean," I slowly went through the crowd to the house.

"Clean as in?"

"I got no STDs," I elaborated.

"I didn't mean-" He blushed crimson.

"Just making sure," I sighed and went inside the house.


(-Mercury's POV-)

"I'm in," I heard Cirus whisper in my ear. I diverted Simon by asking him to get me something to drink and turned away from the crowd.

"Where are you?" I whispered.

"In the kitchen," Cirus coughed. "Found it yet?" I heard Cirus shout talking to someone else.

"Go upstairs," I whispered fidgeting a little.

"I will," she whispered back. "You do know Seb is there?"

"What?" I snapped. "He is?" I looked around.

"He's with SARS."


"Thats what I call his girl, the disease that started all this... SARS."

"Oh," I said. "What a lame nickname," I snorted.

"Well shes a pain in the ass."

"You don't know her," I sighed.

"You do?"

"She's nice," I shrugged.

"Okay there doctor who!" Cirus snorted. "You found it? Okay hold on a second!" I heard Cirus talk to someone else muffling the mic. "I'll meet up with you in the house later on. If I don't come back at the end of the party, leave me."

"But-" I began but Cirus was already cutt off not replying.

"Your drink?" Simon touched me with the cool glass creeping from behind. I jumped from the coldness and turned around.

"You okay?" he asked a tiny bit worried.

"Oh," I waved my hand. "I'm fine!" I laughed.

"That's good," he nodded. "Um-this might be sudden but I want you to meet my sister," he nodded pointing backwards.

"Your sister?" I raised my eyebrows.

"Yeah she came down from Florida," he smiled kindly. "To have her wedding her. I would love for her to meet you, you two seem like you would get along."

I choked a little from the drink and put a hand on my forehead. "I-I'm not feeling too good," I staggered a little.

"Are you okay?" Simon caught me with both my hands. He pulled me in slightly into his chest where I placed a hand. Blinking several times I looked up into his eyes and saw him staring back. I immediatly noticed we were too close, but I leaned in when I saw Siscilia from the corner of my eyes.

I didn't want her to see me. Not now, not today.

I pulled Simon in front of me putting both my hands on his cheeks. I crouched down a little to hide behind Simon with out lips locked, but I wasn't concentrating on his lips. The more I leaned back the more Simon went forward.

I saw Seb and weirdly enough pulled back from the kiss, but Simon dived him wrapping his arms around my waist pulling me more in.

I wanted to pull away, but his lips and body pressed against mine in a taunting way. I felt my cheeks burning my body dancing in the inside. I closed my eyes a little and felt the kiss tingling on my lips.

The moment we both pulled away I couldn't breathe at first and almost literally fell. Simon caught me again stunned from what he did, blushed and apologized.

"It's okay," I blinked a little embarassed. "I kissed you first."

"What was that?" he stared creasing his eyebrows.

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