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Friends, Fight, Love? (Fred Weasley Love Story) (EDITING)


"What do you think the new Defense teacher will be like?" Fred asked me. Trying hard to not blush I answered him, "I-I-I don't know, I just hope he isn't like, oh what's his name, Quirrel! He was such a horrid teacher. Oh and I hope he isn't like Lupin, too. He was so inlove with himself. I don't know the teacher we had in our first year was okay, but personally I didn't like Proffessor Teldin. But I thought he was okay, I just didn't like him."

"Well lets hope that I'm not like any of those teachers then." A voice said behind me. Startled I jumped up and clutched my heart. "Proffessor I'm sorry I didn't see you there." I replied turning a slight red. "It's okay, Miss.." Said a disheviled man who was in tattered robes and shaggy looking hair. "Kight." I said quickly.

He looked at me sadly, as if he knew who my father was as if he knew that I was hiding my real last name. "Miss Knight, yes. Well I didn't mean to startle you or your friend." He said looking at Fred and smiling. I looked at him and saw that he was paler then I with a shocked look about him. "Well Proffessor I didn't quite catch yours." I said to him. "Right," he smiled at me and turned to the class, "If you didn't catch my name during the welcom back feast then I will tell you it now. My name is Proffessor Lupin. I am your new Defense Against the Dark Arts." He said waving hello and walking around the front of the classroom.

I bent over my seat to grab my book for this class. "You guys will not be needing your books today I want to show you guys something first. Stand up! Stand up!" He said making standing up motions with his hands. We all stood up, "And repeat after me, 'riddikulus.' " We repeated after him.

"Good, now with the wands I would like you to swish your wands when you confront the boggart. I know that you are to learn this during your third year but I want to go over this first." We nodded and went over to where he was motioning us to go. We were standing infront of a dresser/closet that was shaking uncontrollably.

"Now does anyone knows what a boggart looks like exactly?" He asked, when no one answered he smiled. "Aw, two years later and you forget what you already know? Well to refresh your minds, no one knows what a boggart looks like. When confronted it turns into what that person is scared of most. Now I would like you to get into a line and we will try our spell against this 'dark' creature. Come along."

A boy from Gryffindor was put infront and Lupin went to the front of the class and went to the closet and undid the latch that was holding in the boggart. "Ready? Now remember when I open this door you are to envision what you fear the most then picture it turning into or put into something funny, once you get that shout the spell 'riddikulus' got it?" When the boy nodded he smiled. "Good, now on three. One... Two... Three!" He shouted and something green and slimy came slithering out of the closet.

A couple of the girls screamed, I may have been one of them because I jumped behind Fred and burried my head in his shoulder. "Is the Knight all scared?" Fred asked with a mischevious grin put on his face. "No!" I hissed and backed away my faced flushed. Hopefully he thinks its from him saying that I'm scared, when in reality its from me being so close to him. "Whatever rows your boat." He smiled evily. I rolled my eyes and payed attention.

The same boy was just staring at the snake that had emerged from the closet. He then closed his eyes and shouted out "riddikulus" and the snake turned into a worm that was flopping around helplessly. Almost all the girls squealed their laughs and this time I didn't squeal I laughed. "Next." Proffessor Lupin said.

A couple more kids went then it was George's turn. The creature that the boggart was in started to turn and change colors to the fear that George was scared of. And it turned into Mrs. Weasley.

"George! Why did you not clean your room! If you don't clean your room then so help me you will be needing a new head for next semester!" Shouted the boggart Mrs. Weasley. I couldn't help but stare at George in shock and tried real hard to not laugh. "Riddikulus!" George was able to choke out before cowering against Fred. Mrs. Weasley was then dressed in a colorful robes that was to short and to tight with purple hair and purple lips. We all started to laugh. Then George went to the side and it was Fred's turn. The boggart started to turn and change shapes again.

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Samantha Boscarinoas Juliet Black
James Phelpsas Fred Weasley
Kay Panabakeras Amanda Lister
Oliver Phelpsas George Weasley
Nikki Reedas Louise Thomson
Luke Youngbloodas Lee Jorday
BooBoo Stewartas Bobby Smith
Hutch Danoas Eric Snareford
Will Dunnas Sirius Black
Julie Walters as Molly Weasley
Mark Williamsas Arthur Weasley
Daniel Radcliffeas Harry Potter
Rupert Grintas Ron Weasley
Emma Watsonas Hermoine Granger
Tom Feltonas Draco Malfoy
Bonnie Wrightas Ginny Weasley
Chris Rankinas Percy Weasley
Alex Crockfordas Charlie Weasley
Domhnall Gleesonas Bill Weasley

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