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Never Going To Sleep (Jeff The Killer Romance)


*Hi guys! For all of you who haven't read this story yet, or maybe you have and are just reading it again, I just want to inform you all how horrible this book is... It was my second book here on Wattpad and I know very well how many plot holes and spelling errors and just unlogical things that occur in this story, (Other than a killer who falls in love with a girl who actually intentionally falls in love with him as well.)

I'm currently editing this story to fix the grammar mistakes and maybe fill in a few plot holes. Bear with me while I edit this, I hope you still give this story a chance! :D


Chapter 1


"The night was a long one." I thought, as I changed my work outfit to my normal clothes. I took the all-night shift for my friend Allison, since she had to babysit her little brother.


Gazing out the window the streets were flooded with the obnoxious rain beating down on them and not to mention how deserted they were from human life. I sighed, my car broke down a few weeks ago and I had absolutely no money to repair it. This meant I had to walk, two miles, back home, in the rain, and all alone.

I had nothing against walking home, I’m not the lazy inconsiderate type of person who can’t go anywhere without a vehicle to slave for their needs. But the city I live in, I never trusted it; it’s creepy, it’s full of beggars, and the crime rate is so high I’m sure even a murderer would feel uncomfortable walking the streets by himself.

Why don’t I just ask my parents to come and pick me up? Well, I would, but they both are actually at their own jobs at the moment. Money has been tight for us lately, so they’ve been working a lot more recently, and they have no idea that I offered to work for Allison.

Guess I forgot to tell them...oops.

My phone rang in my pocket; locking the door I took my phone and saw it was Allison calling. “Hello?” I answered, trying to talk louder than the rain’s loud thrashings upon the store. I’m not sure why, but the sound of rain actually gave me a headache, though most people thought I was weird and said that the sound of rain was a top rated soothing process.

Yeah, not for me.


“Ohh, my God Leah! Please don’t tell me you are still at work?” She asked, though her shouting in the phone was so loud I had to pull it away from my ear for a moment, I could clearly hear her little brother screaming in the background.


“Sorry to say I am.” I replied still staring out the window, hoping the rain would ease up.


“I’m so sorry Lee, I would come and drive you but…”


“Hey it’s alright, I’ve done my fair share of walking in the rain as a kid, and this isn’t much dissimilar.” I lied; actually, I’ve never walked around town even during the daylight alone. My mother would freak out.


“Call me once you get home you hear me? I will be waiting!”


“Alright. I will.” I said rolling my eyes. Don’t get me wrong, I loved Allison and I’m happy she is always concerned for me and my safety, but having a best friend like that, and very overprotected parents together, just caused a bit of stress towards me.

Allison is the type of person who will be forty years old and still go in a pool with floats on…even if she knows how to swim.


“Good,” there was a sound of glass breaking in the background, “ALEX!” She shrieked, “Sorry I got to go, remember to call me!”


“Yeah yeah.” I said hanging up. Putting my jacket on, and drawing the hood over my head so my hair wouldn't get wet, I quickly ran to the back door and walked out in the bitter rain.


Running as fast as I could yet trying not to slip while doing so, though I could hardly see five feet in front of me from the rain. I managed to wonder down the street without hitting into anything, the night seemed to be lapping all the light from the city, it was dreadfully dark.

You know that feeling you get when you know you're doing something you shouldn't be? As if your mind and heart can tell something bad is going to happen, before it even happens? Yep. That was the feeling I was locked under. Every part of me was screaming to go back to work and hide there like a cowards until the sun came up.

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