Dark and Dangerous Love

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Even if you don't like One Direction, read until chapter 3. You'll want to read on. Trust me. This story is very different and they are not involved in anyway before from the name of two members.

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~ 2438 ~

“Where have you been?" Zayn asked coldly as Evelyn slowly crept into his room. With vampire speed, he got up from behind his desk and zoomed across the large room; in front of Evelyn in just seconds.

“I-I’ve been out for a walk.” She lied, her hands were shaking from how close Zayn was to her, his face was inches from hers and she could smell his hypnotising cologne.

“Lies.” Zayn growled before grabbed either side of her shoulder and pushed her into a wall. “I know where you went,” he growled harshly into her ear. “And I know who you were with.”

Evelyn could sense the fury in his voice and from the way Zayn was acting, she knew exactly why he was like that; he was jealous. An emotion that she had seen - way too many times - from him, over the past few weeks.

She trembled with fear as she heard Harry’s voice echoing in her mind. ’Accompanying a King is like accompanying a hungry tiger, you need to be careful with your every move and word, because he has the power of doing whatever that he pleases with you... But I know for a fact he won’t kill you... He’s in love with you.’

Evelyn whimpered as Zayn roughly pressed his body against hers, pushing her further against wall, one of his hands was around her waist and the other was around the back of her neck. Normally, whenever Zayn had her in a compromising position like that, she would have fought back. But her conscience told her that just that once, she would be safer if she kept still; Zayn was on the very edge of his limits and she knew it.

“I won’t allow you to ever touch him, Evelyn.” He growled harshly into her ear, his nose buried in her hair. “I won’t allow you to ever see or even think about him, you’re mine, Evelyn.”

Her body tensed as Zayn tightened his hold on her, her feet were inches off the ground, all of her body weight supported by him; like she was nothing but a doll to him. She knew that he was trying to prove something, holding her in his arms always made him feel strong and sane. It made him feel as if Evelyn was his; all his.

“You’re mine, and only mine.”

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Michelle Trachtenbergas Evelyn Blackburn
Zayn Malikas Zayn (The King)
Harry Stylesas Lord Harry
Megan Foxas Nora Blackburn
Ashley Greeneas Alice Blackburn
Daniel Gilliesas Lord Marcus
Max Ironsas Ethan Redfern

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