Mindless Love boy x boy love story Royce (Roc and Prince)

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This is a MB boyxboy story if you don't like the thought of that for your sake and mine please DO NOT READ I repeat DO NOT READ , thank you 


Princeton POV            

I can't wait until we go on tour again it seems like we've been on break for forever. I can't wait to see Roc and Keisha and Walter and Roc and Ray and Roc and Prod and Roc. If you're wondering why I keep saying Roc every other time is because I'm gay and i love with Roc if you don't acccept me for it then get the FUCK over it cause I don' t care - I mean I haven't told anybody yet except my mom but when we go back on tour in about a week I'm gonna have to tell them sooner or later - I mean it's been about five years  I should have told them sooner . But Oh well I'll tell them soon enough . But as I say again OH FUCKING  WELL !  #Spread the peace -Princeton 

I know it's not much oh well I hope I get people to read this though comment vote and fan on this story (or something like that ) but I hope you like it though  . I wil probably have another chapter up by the end of this week .  (Even though this isn't really a chapter)


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