"Hmm," Lizzie mustered, comtemplating the idea. "I suppose..."

"What do you mean you 'suppose" !?" Sean exclaimed, his voice rising to a nasaly pitch while saying suppose. "It's a brilliant idea!"
"Ooh brilliant. How long did it take you to learn that big of a word, Sean?" she mocked dryly.
Sarcasm? Since when do I, Lizzie, use sarcasm? She wondered to herself incredulously.
Sean deflated, giving Lizzie a knowing look.
"C'mon, we both know that the idea is a good one. So stop being so stiff." He plopped back in his beanbag, lazily looking at his wooden floors.
Lizzie gave in, not wanting to spend another number of hours trying to come up with something that was better. She had to admit, it was a pretty creative idea, even if it went against all her beliefs of how people should take love.
"Fine." she surrendered half-heartedly. "So we're supposed to uh..." she squinted her eyes, hoping that the words on the instruction page would stop swimming around and being fuzzy. Her head started to ache as she did so, making her wince and look away.
No. Can't. Use. My. Glasses! She deliberated with herself.
Sean watched her with confusion. "Are you okay?" he asked.
"Absolutely. May I please use the washroom?" Lizzie replied slowly, wishing her eyes would miraculously lose the need of glasses. She held the bridge of her nose where her glasses once perched, hoping that it would help the pain in her head. She looked at Sean for a moment, noticing a vague movement of his head - something that she could've only guessed as a nod. It was either that or he was bobbing his head to music she couldn't hear. She turned on her heel and turned towards the door, opening it and stepping out into the hallway.
Which door? She asked herself, noticing that Sean had never told her where she would find the washroom. She turned around once again, only to bump into a fuzzy white blur. A voice above her chuckled, as the surface she had bumped into went rigid for a second before relaxing once more.
"Come on, Iz, we talked about this." Sean's voice sounded, "Pro-ject part-ners." he dragged out the words slowly.
It's okay. Lizzie thought to herself, the Prince is bound to have these sorts of bump-ins with the Princess. It's meant to be.
Although she remained tight-lipped in person. She glanced up, only making out the shadows carefully placed on Sean's face. He gave her a strange look that she wasn't able to see, and pried her arms off his body. She hadn't realized that she had a grip on him. Sean placed his fingertips on her waist and turned her around just in time to miss the splash of red that had crept up on Lizzie's cheeks. His light touch made her feel butterflies.
She saw Sean's blurry arm in her peripheral vision pointing in front of her.
"That's where the washroom is." he laughed, returning to his room. Lizzie's hand searched in front of her, looking for the railing overlooking the main floor. She held on and slid her way down the dimly-lit crescent path. To her right, was the railing overlooking the main floor. to her left, were multiple bedroom doors with pictures between each. When she arrived at the door Sean had been poiting at, she turned so her back was touching the railing. She took a step, only to run into ...
Another hard body. She let out a little squeak as the body vibrated, evidently from laughing. She tucked her arms in front of her, hands curling into small fists. She squinted her eyes, trying to make sense of the figure towering over her.
"Mark?" She asked. The body vibrated again.
"Clearly. Woo! Twice in one day. I'm enjoying this." Lizzie could've sworn she saw one of his eyes wink, but she couldn't be sure. Mark pushed Lizzie at arms length, peering down into her crystal blue eyes. "But, you're too young for me, little one. Sorry. You have pretty eyes though." he laughed, walking away. He turned back once more, puzzled, "By the way ... why are you taking that paper into the washroom...?" he looked at her with mock disgust. She couldn't see his expression, so she couldn't react.
She looked down at her hand.
"Uhm..." she stuttered.
"On second thought, don't tell me." Mark held his hands out, chuckling as he walked away once more.
Lizzie stepped into the washroom, turning on the potlights above her. She looked into the mirror, squinting to help her see. She exhaled deeply, fixing what she could define in the mirror. Holding the paper an inch away from her face, she tried to make sense of the smudges presented before. After about five minutes, she had figured out one sentence. One sentence was enough for her. Looking back once more at herself in the mirror, Lizzie turned off the lights and headed back to Sean's room.
Lizzie pushed the door to Sean's room, finding him scribbling down notes on a lined piece of paper. She squinted, looking at him.
"I'm not one to take notes, but I was just coming up with some ideas for the project. Different aspects of dating that we could experiment, give our opinions on. You know, stuff that we could learn about each other." Sean smiled at her entrance sheepishly before returning to his notes. Lizzie sought out the bed, cautiously making her way over, keeping sure she didn't step or bump into anything on the way. She gently sat down on the edge of the bed, folding her hands in her lap. She glanced back at the paper in her hand.
"Okay, so..." she started.
"You went to the washroom with that thing?" Sean questioned, shaking his head.
"Don't worry about it." Sean laughed.
Lizzie managed to choke out a small giggle.
"So, uh, I was thinking, for the project. Some things we could, uh, experiment with could be, uh..." She lost track of her thoughts, looking back at the instruction page for some guidance. Only to find that she wasn't able to read.
Sean stopped writing, dropping his pencil with a slight tap down on to his binder.
"Why don't you just put on your glasses, they'll help you read." he sighed, looking up at Lizzie.
"Cause, uh, I mean..." Lizzie spluttered, taken aback.
"I don't care what excuse you have. They're practically a part of you. I mean ... I can kind of tell ..." Sean got up from his seat, striding over to where Lizzie's bag had be pushed to. He dug in his hand, ignoring the fact that he was being extremely rude by doing so. He felt firm frames against his fingertips, fishing the oh-so familiar glasses out of Lizzie's schoolbag.
Sean turned to face Lizzie, pushing the glasses onto the bridge of Lizzie's nose, instantly dimming the pain she was once feeling. She pushed up the glasses, her cheeks feeling tingly.
Sean was now inches away from her face, looking into her eyes. Lizzie merely looked down, feeling grateful that she was able to read the words typed up on the instruction page.
"They're not that bad, you know. Cute, actually." Sean compliemented, making Lizzie even more shy and making her cheeks paint themselves a deep shade of crimson. Just as he was about to pull away, he stopped. "Hey. You have pretty eyes." he stated in a friendly manner before taking his seat once more.
Lizzie started feeling giddy once more, like a little child buying a new toy. She was at a loss for words.
Hah, Iz seems so happy. She gets happy at such simple things. Funny. Sean smiled to himself.
Ohmygodohmygodohmygod! Lizzie squealed in her brain. AHHHH!
In reality, she just cleared her throat, smiling back at Sean with shining eyes.
"So. The Project..."

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