The (almost) Complete DIY Guide to eBook Publishing

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Complete DIY Guide to eBook Publishing

Actually, this is the almost complete do-it-yourself guide to eBook publishing. Why? Because it is a work in progress. The information and links in here will constantly be changing. That is the nature of the Internet and on-line interaction.

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It is the dawning of a new day. eBooks now surpass pBooks in sales. It has been predicted by an article in CNN Money that the face of publishing will be completely changed by the year 2013 because of this trend.

What are eBooks?

eBooks are digital books. It is a book publication in a digital form and can consist of text, images, hyperlinks, graphs, etc. In some cases the book is also in print, but there is a new wave of people only publishing eBooks.

eBooks are read on eReaders. The best known eReaders are: Kindle, Nook, and Kobo. But eBooks are not only read on eReaders. They can also be read on personal computers, laptops, netbooks, iPad, and many different types of cell phones. The point is, they are widely available and provide easy access.

Because the information in this eBook is hyperlinked, it is only available as an eBook. In other words, the links in this book will take you to more information found on the Internet on various sites, including video tutorials.

Who am I? Nobody, really. I am a teacher and have long known that knowledge is power and in order to master a subject, you need to teach it.

I write Indie book reviews on my blog, Alchemy of Scrawl, and I have been impressed and inspired by the Indie Authors I’ve met and the stories I’ve read. There are a lot of talented people out there.

If you like the DIY approach, then you too, can share your story with the world.

What is in this eBook?

* Writing Resources

* Critiquing/Editing/Proofreading

* A Good Book Cover

* A Good Book Description

* Blogging

* Where are my readers?

** Google Alerts

** Twitter

** Facebook

** AddThis

** Bleetbox

** BlogTalkRadio

** foursquare

** Blinklist

** Reddit

** StumbleUpon

** email list

* Formatting an eBook

** Format Your eBook for Kindle in One Hour - Step-by-step Guide Derek J Canyon

** Take pride in your eBook formating - great guide and he’s a writer as well!

** ePub

** DRM

* Uploading an eBook

* Book reviews and promotion

*Authors on the Rise

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