Chapter 3

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Oh yeah, Nina thought she was an absolute genius. Here she was, flouting the authority of the school and one of its most feared teachers, making a spectacle of herself, earning the admiration of her peers—and they couldn't touch her. Sure, Mr. Cox could send her to the principal's office, but as soon as she explained, he'd have to send her back to class. The worse they could do, would be to tell her father what she'd been up to. Nina was prepared for that and had decided this walk on the wild side was well worth her very likely grounding.

But Nina was also smart enough to keep her gloating to herself. She knew she'd bested Mr. Cox. And Mr. Cox knew it—although he'd never admit it. However, there was no telling what he'd do if she made him look like an idiot in front of the entire class, so Nina widened her eyes, adopting an expression of sincere innocence and said, "Gosh, Mr. Cox, I haven't really thought about it."

Mr. Cox gave her one last, long, highly skeptical look before straightening and walking to the blackboard. Facing away from the class, he picked up a piece of chalk and began writing on the board. "Today, we begin our last unit before final exams—reproduction. As many of you are aware, the primary female reproductive organs are . . ."

As Mr. Cox spoke, a muted chatter began as the students commented on Nina's nudity and how she'd escaped punishment.

The goth girl to her left whispered to Nina, "You are friggin' brilliant."

"I wish I'd thought of it," murmured the school tease to Nina's right.

The boy directly behind Nina, leaned forward and breathed in her ear, "You've got a great ass, Nina."

Nina blushed at the last comment, but she had to admit—she loved getting this type of attention. Because she hadn't wanted her father to foil her plan, she'd arrived to school dressed as she normally did—in jeans and a T-shirt—and no one had said anything to her. She'd stood out as much as the school's colorless floor tiles. But when she came out of the girl's restroom without a stitch of clothing, everyone noticed her. As she walked down the hall to Advance Biology, her first period class, the whistles, lewd jeers, and giggles of her schoolmates energized her in a way nothing else ever had. For the first time in Nina's life, she felt like a rebel and she understood how being bad could become addictive.

Suddenly, a loud slam startled Nina and her classmates, snapping their attention to the front of the classroom where an extremely irritated Mr. Cox had just thrown his heavy Biology textbook onto the floor to silence them.

Moving in front on his desk, he glowered at the class and said, "Being an outspoken proponent of seeking inventive ways to teach coursework so it's more interesting, I've decided a live demonstration is in order. Since Ms. Goodbody seems to enjoy being the center of attention, perhaps she'd like to volunteer."

Nina felt like the bottom fell out of her stomach as a sense of foreboding replaced her former elation. "No, sir, I'd rather not."

"If you refuse, Ms. Goodbody," Mr. Cox began, his gaze now firmly fixed onto hers, "I'm afraid I'll have to give you an 'F' in class participation. And as you know, class participation is twenty-five percent of your final grade."

"B-but, s-sir," Nina stammered in outrage. "You can't do that!"

His eyes gleaming with triumph, Mr. Cox said, "If you'd thoroughly read your student handbook you'd know that I can give any grade I deem appropriate."