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Loathing Ryan [Watty Awards 2011]

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Loathing Ryan

 Izabella POV

Camp Wildwood. The place where for some, all worries of life, family, and friends just fades away. For others such as me, Camp Wildwood was where my perfect life fell apart.

All because of Ryan Miller.

Ever since sixth grade, every time Hawthorne Academy and Bennett Institute would head down south to the after school summer camp, I would be surrounded by hateful words and stifled giggles. It all started with Ryan who with four little words turned every single Bennett Boy, and the majority of the Hawthorne Girls against me.

I had made a brand new friend. She was nice. I don’t even remember her name because I worked so hard to block the memories of that horrible day out of my mind.

She and I were sitting on a log, laughing and sharing stories. I leaned over and whispered something to here when:

“Eww she’s kissing her!” Ryan’s not yet matured voice rang throughout the camp. I pulled back with a horrified look and they all started laughing. I ran away in embarrassment and sprinted straight into my cabin which held my four brand new roommates. They weren’t with everyone else for the “event” so they didn’t know of the horrible thing Ryan did to me.

All they saw was my tear-stained face and they immediately showed compassion by wrapping their thin arms around me and stroking my hair trying to calm me.

Then I told them what he did to me. To my surprise they didn’t turn away from me in disgust or laughter, but they all agreed that Ryan Miller was a lying pig. That horrible day, I found my three best friends, Juliet (respectively called Jules), Zoe, and Lila.

Unfortunately as the years passed Ryan’s cruel teasing only got worse. No one but the three girls would even look at me. Camp Wildwood became a parallel universe. At Hawthorne I was Izabel, the girl who got the best grades and walked with the populars, thanks to Jules who had steadily grown to be the queen bee of Hawthorne. Despite the sudden popularity Juliet Duncan never wavered in her loyalty to the three of us.

However at Camp Wildwood. I became Iz, the one who likes to kiss girls.

When finally the high school years rolled around I was a new girl. My previous dark brown hair was a lighter caramel color due to the extensive coloring. My glasses were exchanged for contacts, the braces came off, and the acne cleared up leaving my smooth skin flawless. People began calling me Iz, but this time I didn’t care. It was out of admiration instead of joking.

Though despite my efforts it didn’t change things at Camp Wildwood. The minute I stepped off of the coach bus, that year, and onto the familiar dirt ground, there was Ryan, as always waiting for me. I took a deep breath, pushed my hair out of my eyes, straightened my mini skirt, and took a step forward. Ryan looked at me. He raked his eyes across my changed self, and for a moment, I thought I saw a change in him. His eyes were wide and his jaw went ever so slightly slack. Then the worst-case scenario happened. He started laughing. He stood there pointing and laughing at me.

            “She may not kiss girls anymore,” he begins looking around at his high school buddies, “but look at Little Izzie trying to fit in. Chicken Legs!” he cried out at me. So much for changing.

            Instead of causing a scene, I simply shook my head and waited until I was in the solitude of my own cabin to really let it loose.

It just escaladed from there. Junior year I had gotten the stomach flu thanks to Ryan and his cronies. They put spoiled meat in my tacos making me violently sick. I ran out of the cafeteria, and to my dismay, straight into the span of Satan himself. Without hesitation I unwillingly lost the contents of my stomach all over his shoes.

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Loathing Ryan - Sparks Fly - 1 -


Alexis Bledelas Izabel Sanders
Jeremy Sumpteras Ryan Miller
Hilary Duffas Juliet Duncan
Cody Linleyas Liam Fox
Lacey Chabertas Zoe Montgomery
Ian Somerhalderas Carter Spencer
Emma Stoneas Lila Hart
Matt Lanteras Tod Hunt
Shanae Grimesas Nahla Fenwick

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