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It's all about sex... [Student/Teacher]


I rolled onto my back, I was out of breath. I looked to my right and watched the boy, get his breath and shut his eyes drifting into a slumber.

I curled my lip, look at him made me feel sick after it. The boy was 17, has long shaggy hair, a piercing in his nose and his eyebrow, he had tattoos of lyrics along his body. Not usually the type of guy I go for, but I was so bored last night, that I decided to have some fun. I had walked around until I reached the park, and he was sat there with a bottle of whiskey in his hand and it just ended up happening. This guy was obviously overwhelmed with my experience and countless times I had to ‘help’ him along when his confidence went. If you get my meaning. Honestly, it was a waste of time with this guy. I turned to my bedside table and pulled out my little ‘friend’. Might as well try to finish this night good, I suppose I thought to myself before pressing the button and shutting my eyes.

Yes this is what I do. I study biology at London University. This is my very own flat. And when I want something. I always get it.

No nothing happened to me to make me this way; I just found a lot of fun is in sex. Simple. But recently, it’s been getting boring with people from my classes. Most of them are inexperienced and honestly, it’s that what turns me off more than anything. I was thinking about going for older guys, y’know like 22? Or something like that. I don’t want to have a guy in their 30s onwards, even I wouldn’t want that.

Somewhere in my thoughts, my hand had gripped the bed and my breathing had become heavier. I tuned out my mind and just concentrated and the pleasure that I had started to experience. I knew about all the way the body works, I know that my body was releasing a hormone that was making the adrenaline in my body pump faster around my body. And signalling to the pleasure nerves.

I shouldn’t be this smart. It takes the fun out of everything.

When I had finished, I slid from the bed. I walked into my bathroom and turned the shower on. Washing away the night away, I rubbed my hair clean and scrubbed my body until it shone. Stepping out of the shower, I picked up the moisturiser and rubbed some on the most sensitive parts. Wrapping my silk gown around my waist, I walked into the bedroom. Picking up the guys clothes I gathered them into a ball and threw them on his chest. He woke up with a start; he opened his eyes and stared at me. He obviously didn’t remember last night, and I wish I had that same opportunity.

“Get dressed, and then leave. You have 10 minutes.” With that I left the room and walked to the kitchen, while they guy was upstairs getting ready, I made myself a coffee and pulled out my biology book and started scanning the book on that days lecture.

He cleared his throat, I looked at him expectedly.

“I just want to um… give you this.” He placed a piece of white paper on the table in front of me. I just continued to look at him and under my stare he turned and left. I sighed. Just because we had had sex last night doesn’t mean I want to have a relationship with him. Stupid boy. I smiled to myself. I picked up the piece of paper

Johnny Starr. Really?! What a name. I snorted and tossed it into the bin.

Leaving the book at the table, I walked back to my bedroom and opened the wardrobe doors. Smiling I chose a black mini dress, with lacy tights and a leather jacket, complete with studded black heels. I left them hanging on the end of the bed, I plugged in my curlers, pulling my dark blonde hair from the left side of my face, pinned it behind, so it looked like it had been swept that way. Grabbing the curlers I curled the other side of my hair. After 10 minutes my hair was done. I pulled on the clothes that I had already picked. For added affect I added a white leather belt around my waist. I pulled my eyeliner out of my drawer and added a thin line on my upper eye lid, then lining the lower lid; I used my mascara and then adding the falsies to make my eyes look bigger. I used my dark red/brown lipstick to make my lips stand out. I stepped back and smiled at myself. Walking to the table I had in the hallway, I grabbed my keys and the books of the table. Climbing into my Dodge car, (2008 Dodge Calibre – for all you car lovers!) I slid the books onto the passenger seat. It was half 9, I had an hour to get to the university, usually it takes 40 minutes to make my way there. I sighed and put my key in the ignition.

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