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A/N:  This article is about the true meaning of the song Bacterial Contamination by Miku Hatsune. It makes me somewhat mad that people list it as a scary song because the video is disturbing. Truthfully, when you get down to the meaning of the entire thing, it's quite beautiful how they protray it. This article will be split into two parts, one part for the song and one part for the video.



"Kill yourself" 

Self explanitory, the people who are bullying her are telling her to kill herself.

"We've decided.
We're going to ignore her.
We'll embaress everyone involved with her, right?"

The bullies talking about what they are going to do, the last line also gives a hint to why it is called a "bacterial contamination". They are saying bullying spreads like bacteria, we will see a very good example of this toward the end of the song.

"I'm their target.
I heard someone whispering it."

Self explanitory, again. 
"Doesn't she get on your nerves? XD"

The face after suggests this was said over a text.

"Just like that"

The girl is explaining how she saw the text, and is basically saying "see what I mean?"

"Contaminated by bacteria
I got stuck in this situation."

Contaminated by bacteria, again, a very good metaphor of bullying. 

"My heart has been eaten away."

She has no one to comfort her, therefore feels unloved and unwelcomed.

"No matter how much I want to be saved.
Nobody is my friend."

This line supports the sentance above. She feels unwelcomed and unloved.

"No matter how much I am in pain.
No place can relieve me."

No place can relieve her suggests that no matter where she goes, she is followed by bullies or haunted by their words or actions.

"Everybody dispises me.
What do you want from me?
My heart brakes into a million peices.
To where am I vanishing?"

To where am I vanishing either suggests that she is trying to find out where to hide or vanishing as in her self-esteem is vanishing.

"Taking down someone with me.
I contaminate that somebody."

Once again, the metaphor of bullying being a contamination is perfectly displayed.

"To make myself feel better"

This suggests  that by having someone else bullied, she feels like less of a target.

"Giving her hand to me
She was really kind
"I'm sorry" I promised to apologize."

She most likely promised to apologize to the girl that helped her for bringing her into the situation or "contaminating her".

"Contaminated by bacteria
You're not worth believing."

This suggests she is spreading rumors about those who hurt her.

"Lately even common sense is eaten away.
I can't hold onto my purity."

"I can't hold on to my purity". By this, she means that she has tried to be good, in a sense. Not to get caught up in rumors and such. Yet the bullying has forced her to go down that path.

"Since the bacterial contamination has spread
You want to be tougher" 

Reffering to the girl that helped her. She wants to try to be stronger for the girl.

"Even if you could survive.
It hurts."

She is telling the girl that she can't survive it.

"The bacterial contamination is gone.
I'm feeling much better.
I transmitted it to her."

She has killed herself to rid of her "contamination" and now that she is dead, the girl that helped her is their new target because she was "involved with her".

"Everyone is contaminated by bacteria"

Everyone is a subject to bullying.

"Wounds are incurable"

Wounds of being teased and hurt.

"Despite killing themselves while jumping after contamination.
They can't even die with grace"

She is saying that even if they kill themselves, everyone will remember her as "their target". Or, as I will later explain, a cockroach.

The rest of the song is pretty self explanitory.



This section of the article will be more deep than the other since the video has more things to take out of it, and more symbols than the song itself.

I will start out by explaining the freakish model. As disturbing as this model is, all parts are very good symbols. For example, her mantis/sickle arms represent "she hurts everyone she loves or touches". The cockroach on her head tells that she is heald in the same esteem as a cockroach, they appear frequently during the video to symbolize this. Her mouth feelers represent the rumors she's spread about the ones who hurt her. She seems mechanical because she has to continue working through the motions of life, much like a machine. 

The video starts out with a silverish white form of her with no eyes and a wide open black mouth. This is meant to symbolize that from all of her bullying she is merely a shell of herself.

Later, we see her with two somewhat earbud shaped pillars of liquid on either side of her, they are representing the bacteria that has "infected her". 

There is a repeated scene during the chorous of her standing with white, jellyfish-like things floating around her and an entangle of impossibly long arms on either side. These jellyfish-like things represent the bullies, the entangle of how she got "stuck in this situation".

Toward the end of this scene, she reaches up to a light, when her hand is barely away from it it disappears and she sinks back down. This light is supposed to be her reaching for help, when she realizes it isn't there, the light disappears.

Later, when she says "Everyone dispises me" her head glitches out as if she is "malfunctioning". This says that she is breaking under the stress and pain of the bullying. 

After this scene, we see a somewhat faceless person rise from the water and push the "jellyfish" away. This is to represent that this person rose up and tried to help her by trying to get them away. The water is to represent a crowd or that she "came out of the blue". 

The next part shows two of these faceless figures standing nearly back-to-back of each other with their arms out and mouths moving, seeming to be yelling. We are to assume Miku is inbetween them, even though she is not shown there. 

Then we see the two figures again, this time with Miku there. One is holding their arm out and the other stands there, looking at them. A few seconds later, one is pointing at her and seeming to be laughin while the other has a hand out in a gesture to stop. The one pointing is most likely one of the bullies.

In the next chorous scene, she is shown in the "garden" with the white jellyfish. It shows her leaning between two posts, with the jellyfish floating around her. This shows that no matter where she goes, the bullies are always there. 

There is a breif glimpse of her in her normal form, and then it cuts back to her freakish "garden" with the entangled arms pulling on her, as she tries to pull away. This is again to represent that she is caught in something that she can't escape. 

She once again reaches for the help that isn't there, only there is no light this time. Saying that she didn't think there was help in the first place this time. 

It then shows her as a skeleton in her freakish mantis-like form. To say that she had killed herself. After this scene, she is shown again in the "garden" only there are no jellyfish and she does not have any limbs. The missing jellyfish represent that her "contamination is gone".

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Bacterial Contamination - Vocaloid

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